Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gracie Shares

"A new dog bed?  For me?  Thanks but no thanks...  I'd much rather sleep in the big bed.  But I appreciate the gesture."

"Thanks Woof-Woof.  I love it!"

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'll Never Grow Up. Not Me.

Crazy Busy Lately!

Lindsey is feeling better but is still experiencing rapid heartbeat even with the beta blocker that was prescribed her.  She went through a battery of testing... and now is waiting for test results and an appointment with a specialist.  Her medication makes her very tired.  

When she swallowed her radioactive pill for the testing, she was not told that she would need to be away from her baby for 48 hours.  I was not prepared to take care of 
a baby for 2 days but... 

You gotta do what you gotta do...

And now Summer thinks I'm her Mama.   LOL!

Friday night, in honor of my never wanting to grow up 58th birthday,  we went to see the play PETER PAN.  

The grandkids were excited!

 It was Jake's first time to see a real live play
 and he was in aww...

Lindsey and I agreed.  Peter Pan was Athena's double!!  (Athena is Gary's estranged daughter from PAS)
Peter Pan looked like Athena, talked like her, acted like her, rolled her eyes like her, was short like her, made facial expressions like her, had her hair, her build, was cute as a button!

But it left me sad at the end.  All I could think of is This could be Athena.  Athena has so much talent and could have been so successful in many ways.  But instead she chose to lead a life chained to her unwell mother,  staying 14 forever.  So now I'm dreaming about her again.  I'm still sad about it but it will pass.


In other news.....

Three sisters got together yesterday for my 
Niece's baby shower in PA.  

My sister Angie, niece Kristen, Me, sister Rita,
and of course the lovely Rissi
Today was Rissi's birthday party.  
Close to 40 people packed Lindsey's small apartment.

It was supposed to be outside, but rain moved in and the party was inside instead. 

**shakes head**

It was chaotic, but we survived.

And now I'm looking forward to returning 
to work tomorrow for a rest!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lindsey Sick ~ Grammy Wiped Out

It seems something is always coming between
 me and blogging.  

This time...  I've been keeping Summer off and on while Lindsey, my daughter, has been down with a stomach virus.  Rissi has been here too, but not as much.  She helped her mommy yesterday and today she went to school.  

As for Summer...

Talk about a workout!

This girl is on the go!!

I am thankful for her 3 hour afternoon nap which gives me time to clean up and re-group.

Lindsey can't afford to lose any more weight.  They admitted her to the hospital this morning and started IV's and did a lot of blood work.  They are having a hard time getting her heart rate to return to normal.  Tomorrow a specialist comes in to talk to her about her abnormal thyroid levels.  Please, say a prayer if you think about it.

I always tell her, "Lindsey,  you have to eat more!"

She takes such good care of her girls...  and after having Summer for 2 days, I understand a little better why she 'grabs a bite' when she can.

"Don't worry Short-Stuff...  I'll take care of you
while your Mommy is in the hospital."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A POEM by Gracie Phillip

Spring it had sprung,
But the white stuff hung.
Stubborn to leave,
Clinging fast to the trees.

A couple weeks passed,
The snow not to last.
Temps reached eighty-eight,
Summer could not wait.

Spring eluded us this year,
And summer has emerged OH DEAR!
My winter coat is getting hot,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gone Gold!

 I've missed blogging...  My Mac broke and had to go to the computer hospital.  I just got it back yesterday.

Briefly...  here's what's been happening in 
my neck of the woods:

In response to some of the comments (of our customers) saying that we treat them like GOLD...  we've decided to paint our ear GOLD and start a GOLDEN yEAR Campaign....  

(and since Puddles and Pip ran off with the other ear after their Bucket List Tour visit)

And now...  

The Golden yEAR 

At All About Hearing...  

We treat our customers like 


In other news...  spring has sprung  summer-like weather is upon us with 88 Degrees temperatures.

Gracie is enjoying her walks again...

And we have had a sudden burst of business and made many new friends as the Golden yEAR entices the hearing impaired to 700 National Highway.

What have you been doing to enjoy these beautiful spring summer-like days?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Gracie here.  

I've been promoted!  

Mom said I'm lousy at my job of watching the house because I bark at everybody and everything.  
So she has promoted me to babysitter.

Now this little cookie carrier might seem sweet and innocent to you...

But trust me... she's always looking for trouble.

That's where my services come in...  

 One look at me and she turns away from her ornery obsession and comes over to pat my head and say "N-I-C-E".

 The fringe benefits of this babysitting job are beyond awesome.

I'm not sure what Puffs are, but they are tasty.

And the kid loves to share.

As a matter of fact, she'd rather share with me than eat her food herself.

The nag Mom says if I continue to beg Short-Stuff for food, my job as babysitter will be short lived.

I can't think about her threats though.  I have a job to do and I always put every effort into doing my job well.

And as a result, we have a happy, healthy kid.

Short-Stuff and I had a talk.  She told me if I eat her yucky hotdog, she'll make sure to keep you-know-who busy with her cute-stuff so that I don't get yelled at.

She's a pretty smart kid ya know.  And I think between the two of us we can handle you-know-who and rise above her ridiculous threats.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Belly Rocks

Dear Diary, The nag Mom says the analysis of my bladder stones are back and that I need to be on a special CD diet.  Hey listen, I've been on that diet for the past 2 years and I still get full of stones.  Mom says it's because she cheats and gives me other stuff BUT I heard the vet telling her that just because I don't get anything but CD is not a guarantee that I won't get any more stones. 

 I say...  why take the chance and make me suffer for years with a a boring dog food that may or may not keep me from getting rocks in my belly.  

And besides, I also heard the vet say that he doesn't blame mom for giving me other goodies once in a while.  He does it himself with his dog, even though he knows better.  So now I have to convince Mom that she needs to relax and carry on...  

And fry up the chicken cause I'm ready to eat.  Gracie.