Saturday, October 29, 2011

What? No Refund? Well That Doesn't Seem Right.

We have snow!  

Of course we do!!  

The last time we planned on going to visit Stacy and Vinnie In NJ and going to Atlantic City, Hurricane Irene kept us from going.  The hotel "Holiday Inn Express in Absecon, NJ" kindly gave us a refund on our reservation.  I think it was because they were evacuating.

This time, Jason (Gary's son) and his girlfriend were going to meet us there too.  Gary was so excited to be seeing his kids.  We had plans to go out to a really nice place for dinner, and then to the casino for a while.  

This morning we woke up to snow, snow, snow.  We began our trip anyway, but turned around and came home.

The Holiday Inn Express said, "No way!  We cannot refund your money within 24 hours". 

 But what if it's not safe to be driving?  
"No,  no refund for you!" 


Below you will see some video of my complaining husband and the conditions that we were driving in as we headed back home and sucked up the $55 for the rental car, $30 in gas to fill the rental car, and $99 for the room.

The music is compliments of a radio that
we never did quite figure out.