Friday, November 18, 2011

Peep Psychology

Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Ponderosa (Steak House) cooking for us.  It was very good!

This year...

Guess who's cooking?

Note to self:  Be sure and take Turkey 
out of freezer to thaw.  Today!!

And What are you're plans for the coming week?  

Dear Diary,

When you've been around as long as I have...  you learn peep psychology.  This is when you can decipher what your peeps aka mom and dad are really thinking.  Gracie, you're a pig means: Oh, look at how sweetly she drags her food into the living room to eat.  She is too smart to be a dog!  Gracie, why must you always be Velcro-ed to my side? means:  Is there any way you can get closer?  I love you so, my pet!  Gracie, you belong at the foot of the bed means: Do you have to sleep at the foot of the bed?  I'd sleep much better if you were here...  close to me.  
Yep.  Got 'em figured out. Gracie.