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Monday, January 4, 2021

2020 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 Okay, so the rest of my 2020 reflections will be quite random.  I find it therapeutic to go back and reflect on this past year.  


It is my purpose to post a blog entry every day for the remainder of this year, and to focus on 2020 rewind for the remainder of January.  So grab yourself a cup of coffee and go ahead and recline.   

I was saddened to read that the talented Joe Diffie died from covid.  Yes, I knew him well.  Okay then, I didn't know him all that well, but I did get an autograph and picture with him about 20 years ago at a meet and greet after his concert.  He was a great talent.  One of many victims of the 2020 pandemic.

Anvil stayed quite irritated and a bit confused.  

I will be honest, I welcomed the break from the hustle bustle of life.  I read a lot, regrouped, discovered The Real McCoys (I had never watched it before!  Can you believe that!) and spent a good bit of time in nature with my hubby and my girl, Gracie.  Oh, and yes, I was one of the many who binge watched Tiger King!  It is sick!  Do. Not. Watch.

I got a call from blogger friend Sharon's husband, with the news that she had passed away.  I felt like I lost a family member.  We had bonded through books, many she had written and sent to me.  She was a talented writer, witty and sassy and a friend I will miss greatly.

In February, Sears closed their doors.  After spending a good 20 years with Miracle Ear there, a lot of great memories flooded my mind as I said goodbye.  

That chapter in my life, over.  I settled on a chair in the empty office that once boasted so much life, and I was saddened by the death of it all... 

I brushed off the feeling of dread and left the once thriving business, now a hollow memory, behind me to look ahead, for 2020 had so much more in store...  


 This is the hard part.   The watching as she falls in her own bowel movements.  The watching as she staggers around, trying to find her way...