Thursday, January 2, 2020

Survival Mode

Many have taken to social media to list their favorite things about 2019.  What one word would you use to describe the passing of the year?

I think my word would be 'survival'.  That's kind of how I feel, like I survived it and now if I could just continue in survival mode 2020 would not look so scary.

This past year I've had to collect my thoughts and actions and regroup.  Ask myself, what's important in life?

I've given up on people who have given up on themselves.  I've drawn away (tried, anyway) from drama.  I've tried to take precaution when looking at the world around me and how others actions effect me. It's hard when those you care about choose a road that you are sure will lead to destruction.

I like the saying, "Let go and let God".  Easier said than done, but that's my goal.

Lately I'm lacking sleep, and my high blood pressure is returning after being good for so long.  It's kind of depressing.  Gracie has been night after night, unsettled and up and down and in and out of the house all night long.  Last night she was very sick with vomiting and diarrhea, so not only was I awake all night, but I was cleaning the floors as well.

I was successful in putting on my happy face for the Christmas chaos tho, but truly thankful to get it all cleaned up and put away when all was said and done.

A visit to the vet at the beginning of the week.  Gracie made friends with Emmitt, our vet's dog.  Who would have thought?  She's always hated black dogs.  Our vet says she is losing her hearing and we should get her a puppy.  Really?  A Puppy?  (Job security for him, maybe? LOL)

She might have picked up a bug of some kind at the vets office.  I'm hoping that's all it is.  I  would be so sad if it were more serious.  But she is 15 now, and when she gets sick like this, I think...  is this it?
*sigh*  I know, I need to stop thinking negative.

Hope you all had a good holiday and your 2020 started out awesome!