Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago on this date I had my very first date with the man I would end up marrying about a year and a half later.


I had been single for a couple of years and when I started 'chatting' with this prince on the Christian dating site that I was 'trying out' I figured, what the heck.  It's all in fun.

But apparently this guy wasn't just playing around.  He meant business.

I had been to an all-day training session in Baltimore, Maryland for my job and the plan was to check into Frederick's Hampton Inn on the way home and there I would meet up with my two friends (who would protect me in case this dude was a night stalker) and my mystery guy whom I had just met online the month prior.  We had talked on the phone.  A lot.  I'd be very disappointed if he turned out to be a dud, because I liked him just by his voice alone.  We had become good phone friends.

I was frazzled from the drive and the wet, windy weather....  but hoped I didn't look too awful for our first meeting.

Tap. Tap. Tap.  On his door....

And then.

He opened it.

First a hearty 'hello' and a big pearly white smile.  Then a peck on the cheek.

He had me from hello....

Happy Anniversary of our first meeting big G!



Little G here...  with some food for thought.  Out of the sixteen years you and dad have been together, I've been there with ya  for almost thirteen of them years.  Through thick an thin.  Demanding food.  And belly rubs.  And walks.  What would your life have been like without me?  

Monday, March 27, 2017

First Cut

Daughter called me yesterday, sounding frantic/stressed out/beside herself.  

She had decided to give Summer aka grand angel #3 her first hair cut.  It was supposed to be a minor trim but the more Summer fidgeted,  the shorter the hair got as she tried to make it even.  

"It's okay," I said.  "I will be up in about an hour and we'll take her to the mall to get it straightened out."

Keep in mind, this was her very first cut.  Trimming those long golden locks was a major event.  That it had failed and looked hideous (really, an exaggeration.  It wasn't that bad) sent daughter into panic mode and by the time we got to the mall Summer wanted to walk with Grammy and hold onto Grammy's hand.   She'd had enough of Mom!

The day was saved by a very sweet beautician who trimmed it up and straightened it and assured daughter that it was not that bad really.

Rissi got a trim as well, and a peace blanketed what was once a frantic mama feeling she had betrayed her baby girl with the worse hair cut ever.

And I got to spend some of the finest of moments with a princess who kept flipping back her now much shorter hair and peeking at herself in the mirror obviously feeling just a little  bit more grown up.

Hello!  Remember me?  The dog?  Do  you not want to mention my hair cut?   It might not have been my first, but still.  

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Not Worth The Walk...

Yesterday it was off to Meyersdale, Pennsylvania for the Maple Festival.  

Just a quaint little town with antiquated charm.  I'd been here plenty of times before, but never for Pennsylvania Maple Festival.

Still feeling a little run down from last weeks flu, most of what I do these days seems to lack much of the enthusiasm that I once owned.  I'm in a semi-fog.  I'm praying that I get back to feeling better soon so I can enjoy life more fully.

Regardless, there is a life to be lived and spring has sprung and I have been trying to make the best of it.  Nights are the worse because it seems my sleep is not as sweet as it once was with congestion and coughing jags that are beginning to send me to another room to sleep so I don't disturb big G and little G.  (Gary and Gracie).

The festival advertised all-you-can eat pancakes with pure maple syrup (hence the name MAPLE FESTIVAL).

Two blocks of walking and a long line later we decided it was not worth the walk or the wait and we headed for home.  

It's okay though.  I got some freshly baked Amish wheat bread and a piece of pineapple upside down cake.  Oh, and a whoopee pie.  I purchased some authentic Pennsylvania pure maple syrup and some maple cotton candy.  And maple flavored popcorn.  

We took a tour of the historic Myers homestead, walked through a museum of historic medical subject matter and shopped in a country store.  

Big G searched diligently for the kitchen in the old house....

And I allowed the morning's ambiance to take me back in time and the gorgeous tulips to remind me that in spite of the chill that is in the air, it is indeed spring.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Seven days

It started last Sunday evening with chills.  I could not get warm enough.  I went to bed feeling very much unwell and it was downhill from there.  Body aches.  Headache.  Eyes hurting.  Blah, blah, blah.  They did a culture to see if I had the flu but it showed up negative.  I think if they would have did it just one day later it would have been positive.  I have had the flu before and this was exactly how it went down.

Seven days.

The crud.  The aching.  The low grade fever.  The nasty congestion.  Sleep was my only comfort.

Seven days.

And on day eight (which is today) the body aches disappeared and I actually feel a bit human.  Still a cough.  Still dryness in my throat and some other mild symptoms...  but nothing like I have been for the past seven days.  

We had to be away for a hearing expo for two nights and three days.  I was miserable, but made it through.  Thank you God!  

Today = First day of spring.  I am delighted to type those words.  

Are you as happy for the first day of spring as I am?

Gracie was groomed today.  She looks and smells lovely.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Today's Reality

So...  this is the hotel we are leaning towards (Disney).  It's The Animal Kingdom hotel and you can watch the wildlife from your balcony.  I think the kids would love that!

That's great.  Means I can go hang out with the giraffes and deer while you guys take the cookie carriers to see the princesses and pirates 

All dreams for next years vacation set aside...  let's focus on todays reality.

Yea.  I'm hungry.  I don't think you've fed me yet today.

Yes, we got snow.

Probably a good 8-10 inches.

Why is that that every time something different happens you see fit for a photo op with the dog?  I mean... really...  put me down, woman!

It is really pretty though.

Yea.  Pretty hard to find a place to pee.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I am thinking Disney.

Planning.  Comparing places and prices.  Dreaming of princesses and pirates.

Probably early next year...

This is something I want to do for my grandkids.  It's an experience they should have, and my desire is to be young and healthy enough (I'm getting older by the minute) to enjoy seeing them enjoy Disney.

It will probably be a one time adventure that will not be repeated (not in my lifetime).  It's something they will never forget, and they are all at the perfect age.

And so...  I am doing a lot of thinking these days.   And I think I want to experience Disney... with the loves of my life.

So you are taking me then, right?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thanksgiving Turkey

Well, I do believe the right season has found its way back into being.  It is now cold.  Just like it's supposed to be this time of year.  

You complain it's too hot for walks in the summer.  Now what's your excuse?

Now, I want to make this perfectly clear ~ I am not complaining that we have not had snow or cold, bitter, wintry winds this year.    I'm just a little confused, that's all.  

You think you're confused!  What about the dog?  I mean...  You walk me, then you don't, then you do, then you don't.. it's too hot too cold too winter too summer... c'mon now.  Make up your mind woman.

Today I have my Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, thanks to our last minute decision to go out to eat on Thanksgiving day.  So I guess it will be a turkey kinda week here at our place.

Hope you plan on sharing

So tell me now, how have you been entertaining yourself through these bleak, dark, short days of *ahem* winter?  Gary and I have been binge watching a couple of series on Netflix.  

Begging for attention.  Irritating the heck out of you and dad with my strange behavior of wanting to go out and sit on the cold wet ground and repeating such behavior umpteen times throughout the day. Licking my paws.  Getting yelled at.  Playing with new toys.  Binge eating and dragging my dry food throughout the house so I can give you something to do.

Usually my office is slow for January and February.  Not so this year.  I have been very busy!  Which is good...  it does help pay the bills...  

And buy treats.  Just saying'


I am in the beginning stages of planning a family vacation to Disney World (hopefully) early 2018.  We will likely skip the beach this year.  Haven't totally decided that yet either.   Within the next couple of months I should have a feel for what the year will be looking like vacation-wise.  Of course  it all can change, it is in God's hands really.  

And speaking of God, spell it backwards and it spells Dog.  Dog says no vacations unless dog goes too.

Gracie is always well taken care of when we go away but even so...  I seriously hate leaving her...  especially now that she is older.  Who ever thought that a dog could break a heart with just one look?   

You have one cold heart I'm tellin' ya.

So what's new here?  We got pictures taken for our church directory.  Below, there we are with our little church buddies.  I love that the grands go to church with us.   

Nobody asked if the dog wanted to go.  And.  I heard dogs were invited to be in the photo's.  I've looked real hard.  I don't see a dog on that picture.  Maybe I should look again..  Must be missin' something there...

And so.  As I patiently await that calendar to tell me it is spring, I pull out my flip-flops and wear them for a couple of days... then put them back away and get out my boots... then the flips... then the boots... then the...  


You get the picture.  It's been a crazy winter here.  I should have known when I purchased my beautiful new Uggs at the start of the winter that there would be no snow this year.

You are welcome.

Unless you need me to take you for a walk, please do not disturb.