Sunday, March 26, 2017

Not Worth The Walk...

Yesterday it was off to Meyersdale, Pennsylvania for the Maple Festival.  

Just a quaint little town with antiquated charm.  I'd been here plenty of times before, but never for Pennsylvania Maple Festival.

Still feeling a little run down from last weeks flu, most of what I do these days seems to lack much of the enthusiasm that I once owned.  I'm in a semi-fog.  I'm praying that I get back to feeling better soon so I can enjoy life more fully.

Regardless, there is a life to be lived and spring has sprung and I have been trying to make the best of it.  Nights are the worse because it seems my sleep is not as sweet as it once was with congestion and coughing jags that are beginning to send me to another room to sleep so I don't disturb big G and little G.  (Gary and Gracie).

The festival advertised all-you-can eat pancakes with pure maple syrup (hence the name MAPLE FESTIVAL).

Two blocks of walking and a long line later we decided it was not worth the walk or the wait and we headed for home.  

It's okay though.  I got some freshly baked Amish wheat bread and a piece of pineapple upside down cake.  Oh, and a whoopee pie.  I purchased some authentic Pennsylvania pure maple syrup and some maple cotton candy.  And maple flavored popcorn.  

We took a tour of the historic Myers homestead, walked through a museum of historic medical subject matter and shopped in a country store.  

Big G searched diligently for the kitchen in the old house....

And I allowed the morning's ambiance to take me back in time and the gorgeous tulips to remind me that in spite of the chill that is in the air, it is indeed spring.


  1. Hi there, So sorry to hear that you have been down with a bug~so many viruses going around this year. I'm so anxious for spring too! WE have rain in the forecast for all week, which we desperately need plus we'll be heading to Ca. for the weekend, so I might get some sunshine. I loved the photo of the tulips.
    Have a great week dear one and feel better!

  2. Well, at least you got out and got some exercise. And all those goodies. And got to look through all that old stuff. And see all the pretty tulips.
    Maple cotton candy is a new one on me - I think I would pass on that.
    Here's hoping you will get totally well and that the pollen lets you snuggle with G & G again!

  3. Getting out is important after being sick as long as you've been. so mission accomplished.

  4. Those are such pretty colorful tulips!! Its hard to get motivated if you are still not feeling up to par; good thing you made the effort to get out and about and see some potentially new things or interesting things.


  5. Oh dear, I hope this finds you feeling much better! I know it takes a while to get over the flu:( Have a blessed and beautiful SPRINGY day! HUGS!

  6. Sorry you are still suffering with the remains of whatever 'bug' you had.

    Since these 'bugs' are still roaming around, I still wear a surgical mask, when grocery shopping.

    Even if I look funny! I feel safer. :-)))


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