Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hospital Horror ~ Part 2

Hospital Horror ~ Part 2

Last night was crazy.  I think I was still coming off of that nasty anesthesia.  My blood pressure was 180/127 at one point and I told Hubby I must be having a heart attack since my throat was hurting so bad.  The paranoia from the anesthesia had followed me home from the hospital.  (Thanks for the advise Sharon.  I would have never thought of getting the name of it... I didn't know you could do that)
While I was in the hospital I kept hearing the intercom saying: "patient walking" and "patient coughing".  Every time I'd move my legs ...  there it would be.  "Patient walking".  What the heck.  How did they know every move I made?  Every time I'd cough it was "Patient coughing".  LOL. I came to find out later that it was something else entirely.  
But I wasn't imagining that I was about to burst because I needed to go to the bathroom.  It was a 'kink' in the catheter bag...  If I wouldn't have finally said something it would have been ugly.  That happened 2X.

Last night while falling asleep I was jumpy and jittery probably from coming off the paranoia anesthesia (maybe that's its name). And also, my sister said my sore throat is because of the breathing tube.  
So much I don't know.

Today I'm trying to get myself organized so that Hubby doesn't have to keep bringing me stuff.  Though I feel okay, I don't want to break open any stitches.  Gary asked doc how many stitches.  "A lot" was his answer.  

Being dependent on someone else is the pits. I now understand why some elderly people get grouchy when they can no longer take care of themselves.  I'm thankful though, for a great guy who does nothing to make me feel this way...

But on the bright side...  

Beautiful flowers in January...

Candy and Cakes....

Special Cards...

And homemade chocolate chip cookies...

I'm hoping to get caught up on blogs tomorrow. I really miss knowing what's going on in your world.

Much thanks and love to everyone!

Dear Diary,

My routine has been interrupted by Mom sleeping in the back room.  I guess I'll just curl up at her feet till I figure this one out.  Gracie.


  1. Pretty flowers! Oh, and what great cards and goodies to make you feel special! I hope you heal quickly and properly and can crawl around on the floor again with the GKids and Gracie. Poor Gracie, I bet she IS quite confused!

    PS: You have every right to know what has been put in your body, and if they made a movie of the procedure, you could probably get a DVD copy. I have the little movies of my angiogram! You just have to (most important) ASK.


  2. I read my husband your first hospital post, and here's what he said to me "What country is this in?" That's right, he thought it must be some kind of third world country!! Must have been the one wheelchair! Look at it this way, things cn only get better from here. Praying for fast healing for you, sweetie, and so glad you are back in the U.S.A. Ha ha!!!

  3. Awe.......that sure was a horrible hospital! Enjoy your goodies and get better soon!

  4. Hi Bobbi... just tell yourself, "it's over now, and I am going to be just fine"... and don't let those awful experiences get your down... I know that's hard to do, but look at your grandchildren, eat those yummy looking cookies, give Gracie a big doggie kiss, enjoy your beautiful flowers and think positive... Spring is almost here!... and you have alot of nice ladies in blogland who care about you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Good to hear you're 'coming around' Bobbi. Take your time but move around when you least that's what they say to do.Now listen to your doctor's orders too.
    You have a a few nice men in blogland who care about you too!

  6. are doing the best thing...keeping Mommy's feet warm...she'll really appreciate that!@

  7. HI Bobbi!! I'm catching up on your blog--I've getting over the flu and didn't want to make you sick...But I'm glad you're on the mend! I'm sending healing energy in your direction, but saving just a bit for myself! :-)

  8. Gracie, You're one of the best medicines there is for your mom.

  9. Hey theres lady! I sees you has had a ruff time...understatement I knows. you gonna eat dat WHOLE cake by yourself? If you needs some help then you knows where to find me. Wait...don't wancha to breaks them stitches open so I'll come to your house.

    Yeppers, da sore throat is from da tube...even I knews dat...bwhahahahaha! Okays, I won't make fun of you in your state right nows. I'm just glad it's all overs and you has lots of TREATS and a good man to helps you out!


  10. Hi Bobbi,
    I pray for quick healing for you. I agree that it is so difficult to have to be dependent on others, but your right about it gives good insight as to why some of the elderly who can no longer be independent feel so frustrated.

    I injured my leg for 1 month, and my husband had to carry me up the stairs, and he would often bump my leg into the wall, Ouch!!. How precious to have Gracie just want to be with you wherever you are :o)

    God bless you

  11. Hi Bobbie, Looks like Gracie will be good company for you! Beautiful and cheerful flowers. Wishing you a speedy recovery. God bless.

  12. I read your other post about your hospital stay. It is good you had someone there with you - - other than hospital staff! Surgery is the pits. Life is rough when you get to the place where you can't get better without it but after you have had it, you wonder why you ever did it! The good news - - - besides all the wonderful get well wishes and goodies - - - is next week will be better than this one - - - and the week after even more so. Just don't overdo on a day you are feeling fairly fine. So glad you are home.

  13. So glad you are home with people who love you to take care of you!


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