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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gracie's Dowry

dow·ry  (dou′rē)
n. pl. dow·ries
1. Money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage.

Dear Samson,

As our engagement lingers, I have to wonder how long till I become your Mrs.    So anyway...   I'm thinking a fall wedding when it cools a bit and the leaves are bright and colorful.   What do you think?  


Are you paying attention?

Okay.  So if you have lost interest, maybe this will change your mind:

I have a dowry all my own,
Included are 3 ice cream cones.
Balls that light and ones that squeak,
I even have a ball that speaks.

My Wally measures 4 foot long,
And Piggie - he will sing a song.
Squirrely Friend and Skunkie too,
A hat that krinkles just like new.

One Santa who is missing stuffing,
Man who wont put up with nothing.
Hotdogs, hamburgers, Kongs with treats,
Mr. Raccoon who's lost his feets.

Reindeer, Gumby, balls galore,
Need I mention any more?
All these things for me us were bought.
Are ya ready Samson...  to tie the knot?


  1. I think he could never resist such a stash, plus your amazing poetry skills!

  2. WOW that's quite a dowry you have GRACIE. I see you're an old fashioned girl. I'm so EXCITED for you and SAMSON. How can he resist?

  3. Gracie, Samson's mommy here and let me tell you, you sweet and funny little doggie, I was at my most miserable tonight when I decided to go and read you post. And for the first time in many day, I was laughing out loud as I read about your stash.

    You see Samson's dad is not well, not at all well, and we are so worried about him. Samson is sleeping in the bed with him right now so I won't disturb them.

    While Samson would love to play with some of your toys (you are marrying a younger dog, after all), I know that is not why he loves you so. I mean until now, he had no idea your stash was this ginormous.

    Samson loves you because of all the girl dogs on the blogs, he fell for you. He loves you because you are feisty, you have a wonderful personality, you have the best sense of humor, and you are adorable. Samson fell hard for your fluffy ears, he dreams about them all the time. He told me so.

    I am his mommy and he does as I tell him, so a fall wedding sound just wonderful. I hope our illnesses and stuff will be all over with by then.

    I will show him this tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I would love to make it into a guest post on our blog. Why don't you ask your mommy about that. So many of my followers want to meet you in person. Let me know.....

  4. I messed up some words above where the s should have been, sorry. Also, I forgot to tell you that Samson just loves your poetry, aspiring poet that he is.

  5. Oh Gracie, what a dowery! Truly you have planned well! I am sure if he can and when he can, Samson definitely will claim you as his bride!


  6. Wow Daisy how could Samson resist? Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Gracie...You FURgots to tell Samson you also have da grand peeps who drop COOKIES! :)

  8. SA-WEET! Can't wait for the big day:) HUGS!

  9. I think you have it all under control Gracie!

  10. A fall wedding would be lovely …I think Samson is a very lucky fellow and you two will surely be very happy. Can I come to the wedding? I will be sure to wear my prettiest collar!


    P.S.: My assistant wants to thank you so much for writing that lovely review on Amazon. It made our day. Thank you! Hugs!

  11. OK Gracie and Bobbi, this is it! This post will be a GUEST POST on mine and Samson's blog on Tuesday, May 27. Samson is busy coming up with a poem of his own. I have peeked and I think you will love it, Gracie.



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