Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Day turned Bad

 Today we decided to take Gracie with us to Heritage Days in downtown Cumberland.  She was excited to be around different smells.

I filled her new doggie canteen with plenty of cold water and we stopped and sat on the downtown mall a few minutes while she drank...  then we were on our way up the big hill to visit the different booths.

But our good day turned bad quickly...

 A thunderstorm sent a torrential downpour soaking us within seconds and causing us to run for cover under the nearest tent, while the winds threatented to take the very tents we were standing under.  Gracie was forced to share an 8 X 10 space with two other big dogs and one was black.  YIKES!  Their noses touched.  The winds whooshed.  The rains pounded.  "Get in here!" Gary yelled.  I was halfheartedly standing underneath the tents edge, trying to keep Gracie away from the other canines that I was pretty sure she'd pick a fight with if she were forced to be close.  "Wait!" I said.  "I'm going over there!" And at that I ran through the downpour, as my scared wet dog ran with me, to a doorway where a gentleman was standing and he was kind enough to share his space.  Gary was not far behind...  

The days festivities were  cut short.  

And Gracie was left wondering ...  what was that all about?

And how was your Sunday?


  1. Sunny and hot! Not nearly as exciting as yours.
    What an adventure you had.

  2. What a shame it rained on your outing! We had a similar rainstorm to pop up here yesterday. Poor Gracie, I know she was confused. It's fun to watch the video and to hear your voices. Hope you'll all enjoy the week ahead.

  3. Sorry the rain and wind spoiled your day... Gracie is adorable, even sopping wet!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I would take rain anywhere and anytime since we are SO dry! Sorry Gracie's day was dampened!

  5. That was quite a driving rain!! Did it last very long? I guess then they didn't resume everything, it kind of ruined the day...I don't know how you do those caption bubbles, but it's really cute!

  6. Gracie has got to wonder what she did to deserve all the things that have been happening to her lately.

  7. Sorry your day was rained out. :(

    We pretty much loafed all day.

  8. what an adventure! I'm sure I would have been like you, trying to find a place safe for Gracie that didn't involve other dogs!! but in the end, glad all were safe!!


  9. gosh... mother nature was chasing you everywhere!

  10. Ok Gracie....I is goin' outside now to bottle up some of dis HOT Florida sun and humidity. Den I run it down to da mailbox and send it right to you. In return, pleeeeeze send a wittle bit of rain. My house hasn't seen a drop of rain in 2 months.

  11. A little rain won't hurt anyone, will it Gracie? Sophie doesn't know the difference between the ocean/lake or long as it's wet, it's OK with her!

  12. Awww... sorry y'all's day got rained out...

    We were the same way with Jazz around other dogs....

    I like the picture of you and Gary... y'all are a nice looking couple together!

    And Gracie always looks much personality..

  13. I'm glad Gracie didn't get into a fight with another dogs. The video is cute, love the thought bubbles!!

  14. Oh Bobbi...sorry you got rained out but it gave you a GREAT BLOG POST! :)

    Now...first...thanks for visiting me today. You don't have to know me or I you to be kindred spirits.

    Losing weight was hard. Because I was not obese everyone I tried to talk to about losing weight always said "'re not fat!" I felt defeated before I started. Then last November my hubby and I met up with an old friend and took pictures. I was mortified at how I looked and felt terrible for not staying on top of being healthy. My doctor was jumping for joy when I weighed in last week. He sat down and talked to me for 30 minutes (unusual these days) and wanted to hear all about what I chose and why.

    I feel great. Even my "big pants" are too big now and I've had to buy everything new. Losing the weight was worth skipping the chocolate cake for a sliver of angel food cake instead. I only miss chips and salsa but I don't love them enough to EVER over-indulge again.

    I hear you girly. YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN!

    Love to you~

    Rebecca PS: I'm going to follow you because I just LOVE your HEART! :)

  15. Hello Bobbi!! We got that same storm over here--It knocked our power out for about 4 hours and fried our corded phone--It really was something! At least it waited until Sunday and didn't rain on your yard sale, which I am glad went well!!

    I hope the rest of your week is going well too!!

  16. I am sorry your day got rained out. We've had a few days like that recently. Pretty one minute, nasty storm the next. We can't complain though since NC is already 4" below normal. We are in a drought already! Gracie, is so adorable! I hate she was so scared!

    Thank you for you kind words. My little kitties are just the sweetest things. We love the Himalayan breed! Bryan is allergic to dogs (their salvia) and quite a few other animals. But he's never shown signs of being allergic to cats. Which is weird since it's usually the opposite. So he's always had a cat in the family. When I came in the picture it was just him and Taz (now deceased). I wanted my own kitty since Taz acted like he hated me (that changed). Tigger came in the picture and he's now 14 years old. Snickers is 7. They are the loves of my life!


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