Saturday, June 11, 2011

Never Again!

It was a community yard sale, and LaVale was swarming with  bargain hunters.  For once, I wasn't one of them.  This time I was offering the bargains.

Every year I vow to never have another yard sale ~ but then every year I eat my words and have one.  
What is wrong with me!?

Rissi was excited because she was selling ice cold water.

Jackie's Davy Allison stand-up found a home for $5.

Cars were lined out onto the street.

There were donuts, fresh fruit (and the best watermelon ever) and ice cold water.  

Jake pauses to read a book.

and Rissie skinned her knee.

Mom and daughter share pretty purple toes...

Rissi walks sideways after her fall... 
so she doesn't hurt her knee.  It was actually cute to watch. 

Jake spends time with his dad...

... and his Pop pop

And just hours later...  our inventory had almost vanished!
A pretty productive day...  yard-sale-wise.

But a lot of work!!

Never again!

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you about Mutley.  He's a Shitzu and Mom says he's a sweetheart.  I don't know where she gets that.  When we go past his house during our walk every night, he charges to the fence with all his might just to tell me a few pretty nasty things about myself.   Now I just ignore the loser.  Well...  until today.  Mom took me outside to see what was going on with all the people that were in front of our house when a lady walked up to where we were standing and low and behold, Mutley was walking on a leash just like me!  'You're on my turf now, big boy!' I gnarled as I lunged at him.  Mom yanked me back, drug me into the house and said that I was bad and didn't know how to act around other dogs.  Whatever.  Gracie.


  1. Poor Gracie looks absolutely deflated! Donuts and fruit! We have tons of yard sales in this area, but none offer any treats like that! Not even water! So this one went better than all the others? Great! I love all your different pictures from the day. But I hope you remembered to kiss Rissie's knee before the bandages were applied!

  2. Awww... gracie looks so cute... and tired! I agree with Ginny! We also have lots of yard sales, but none serve donuts and watermelon. That's a neat idea!

    Love all the photos, and Jake and Rissie are too cute...

    Glad your sale turned out well.

  3. Love going to yard sales..but I hate having people begging for a certain

  4. I need to have a yard sale too, but just can't bring myself to part with things I should... I love that Gracie defends her turf, she showed that Mutley! (Your mom probably does not want me telling you that Gracie!)... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Sure Bobbi sure! The hard part is the 'set up' and the 'lugging stuff back in' at the end!
    My Dad wants us all to have one at his place in the next month or so......he lives in a very 'central' location with more traffic than the rest of us. And We (Ron and I0 have just 'a bit' to de-clutter! lol

  6. I understand you completely more yard sales...exhausting, but when you get to roll in the dough...sweet life...;-)
    PS Do you live on a cul-de-sac? Sorta looks like it!

  7. AHAH, I say 'Never' to yard sales and then do it again, and again; what is up with us?
    It's great when it's successful but not when it's well, NOT! but one never knows...
    glad you sold all your stuff!
    poor Gracie; sometimes we just have to be the bigger 'dog'...

  8. Testing the comment posting.

  9. Earlier I typed a comment and then it said the link was not there for posting! Anyway, the refreshment idea at a yard sale is pretty neat. I have not heard of it before either. Since you got rid of a lot of inventory, hopefully you got the cash you planned on, too.
    Gracie - - - the Bible says to be kind to our enemies. It will be like hot coals on their head - - - but going inside might have been a cooler option than staying outside in the heat - - - - even if you did have to miss all the action.

  10. What makes us do this stuff? I have said "never again" to gardens (and I am growing a little one), I have said it to my ring collection (and I bought another ring today) I have said never again to ebay (guess where I bought the ring?). Just shoot me now............

    Well, Gracie, that's how the shoe fits!

  11. Hi Bobbi, Looks like you were blessed with great weather for the yard sale. I'm so sorry about Rissi's little knee - that's cute about her favoring her leg. Poor Gracie, trying to "protect" her property from Mutley! I detest having yard sales too but sometimes, it's necessary. Glad you had a successful day. Hope the week ahead is full of blessings.

  12. I am with Gracie; too pooped to pop. May I snuggle up with her?

    Have a great week,

  13. they are lots of work but always good to get rid of the stuff and get a few dollars in your pocket!

    bet you have one a few years from now :)


  14. I can only imagine that yard sales are a lot of work. We've never had one. Sounds like yours was successful!

    Gracie, That's too funny about Mutley. Shih Tzu is one of my favorite breed of should give him a chance...:o)

  15. guys nose how to do a yard sale da right way....donuts...fruit....water.....where da Milk Bones?

    Your day sounds like a win-win for every buddy!



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