Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There Was Pain

No pictures today.

My day consisted of a visit to the dermatologist for a fast growing dark skin pigmentation on my *bleep* - Of all places!  

Before I knew it, Mr. Dermatologist had needles going where no needle should ever have permission to go...  and other very sharp tools removing, popping, suturing, and so on.

There was pain.  

There was blood.  

And now there's worry.

In two weeks I go back for the results.  But for the time being I have to focus on turning my worry into prayer.... 

So how was your day?


  1. I'll be remembering you in prayer. Keep us posted.

  2. Thanks Mildred. I appreciate it... prayer is a powerful thing!

  3. Has your *bleep* been out in the sun too often? I hope it's nothing, don't worry, it doesn't help anyway. Yep, I bet it did hurt, give yourself a treat. I think if the doc suspected something bad, he could get the dx tomorrow.

  4. No Sharon, my *bleep* doesn't spend any time in the sun. Oh my gosh no! lol. I actually got that word bleep from you, I kinda like it to cover up an embarrassing or bad word. Thanks for the comforting words.

  5. I will be thinking of you! I hope your bleep recovers quickly!

  6. ouch!! but it is good to have things like this taken care of, no matter how painful! just trust in God and know whatever it is, he'll be walking right alongside you.


  7. Why does it always take so long for results? Now don't start making up stories in your head about what it is or could be. You do not know. We'll be thinking very positive thoughts and sending them to you.

  8. I really appreciate the positive thoughts, prayers, and well wishes, THANK YOU! I love my Blogger friends!!

  9. Good people attract Good people. Thank you for the encouraging words :)

  10. Ouch! That does sound painful! Praying your results are good!


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