Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Was Not A Happy Camper

Dear Diary,

I found out what's been causing the itch that's been waking me early every morning.  Mom freaked out today when she was holding my face close to hers and saw fleas.  I mean... really freaked out.  Did I tell you my mom doesn't like bugs?

She told me I was too shaggy, I needed bathed and groomed, and that the frontline wasn't working... whatever that is.

 First she made some phone calls.  When she couldn't find any one that would do emergency grooming, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

When I asked her if she had a license to do that, she told me to be quiet and still... then it was snippety-snip...

This woman did not know what she was doing.  

Then it was off to the tub to be lathered up in dawn dishwashing liquid.  Someone told her it would kill fleas.  I was not a happy camper.

Mom says, 'oh don't worry about your haircut Gracie...  you can start a new fad.'  I say, give me the scissors and let me cut her hair 100 different lengths.

 Hmph!    Gracie.


  1. Where on earth did she get fleas, this time of year? Argh!

  2. I have no clue! We've had some 60 degrees temps. so maybe in the yard? Then again I was thinking maybe obedience school? Who knows!

  3. FLEAS!! We have had awful trouble this year! Frontline doesn't seem to work anymore. I've heard Comfortis works. I haven't tried it.

  4. I worry about my dogs getting fleas and everytime I see them chewing on themselves, I get the flashlight out and check them out!! I'm so paranoid!

    Even with a haircut of 100 different lengths, Gracie is as cute as ever!! :-)

  5. oh Gracie! the horror of it all with fleas!! Frontline is usually pretty good, what happened with that?? So sorry you were subjective to such "torture" but I'm thinking it was all worth it in the end! You might be more comfortable with less itching!


  6. Gracie, I think you look adorable and I hope the Dawn works on the fleas.

  7. Oh, poor gracie! Rugby had to get a hair cut this weekend too!

    I feed him Flea Treats to keep those pesky bugs away and it works really well. Even works for ticks! (As long as you remember to order more when the bottle runs out lol) He thinks they are really tasty too and dances around for them!

  8. Sam, thanks for the info. I did visit the site and it looks like a good choice. I'm thinking seriously about ordering. Do dogs have any side effects or is this safe and natural all the way?

  9. It is bascially just Vitamin B complex. If they eat too many, the dog just pees it out (which is also the reason it has to be fed so often). The only side effect is healthy skin and coat (thanks to the vitamin B again) that I know of.

    The only hard part is remembering to give the treats twice a day, but once it was in our routine we were set. :) Haven't seen any fleas or ticks while he has been taking the treats yet, and its been a year.

    They also send you an info packet when you first order and it gives you safe ways to get rid of the fleas that are already in your house. That way you won't have you use anything that would be bad for Gracie.

    Good Luck! I know they can be some nasty critters!

  10. Thanks Sam. I did order them,and now I'm wondering what is the safe way to get rid of fleas already in the house? We were thinking of fumigating or area spray, but is there a safer way? Open for suggestions!!

  11. Oh no! Poor Gracie! Fleas are awful! I hope you get rid of them soon! You still look cute even with your haircut.


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