Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Thing About Coffee Filters...

The thing about coffee filters is...  

They don't belong on the living room floor.

If you happen on a stack of them on the living room floor...

Then you can assume your dog was up to no good.

"So my name's not Gracie anymore? It's Bad?
My new name is Bad?
I've been wanting to change it anyway."

If you suddenly lose track of where your dog might be resting hiding....

Just follow the trail of man guts...

And don't forget to call her by her new name!

R.I.P Man!

Dear Diary,  I'm leaving.  I'm heading for Golden Pines where dogs are people too..  Or maybe I'll run away to the Desert Canyon and shack up with my one and only true love Samson.  Let's see...  food. check.  treats. check. angry bird and wally. check. blankie. check.  belly rubs...  umm..  belly rubs...  hmmm.  Dad gives the best belly rubs in the world and Mom just fried up some chickie bird and she said she'd let bygones be bygones since Man is not dead, he's just brain dead because it's only his head that's been ripped apart.  Maybe I'll stick around a while and see how things go.   Gracie.


  1. Awww Gracie, stay with your Mom and Dad! They would cry a river if you left! Just be good for a while and they will forgive you:) HUGS!

  2. Gracie!!! My goodness. Yeah don't run away, goodness what a mess. Tugie says hi. She is sleeping a lot. Her Momma being home and no longer working is wearing her out.

  3. Gracie, I think you better stay....belly rubs, does not get better than that! Besides, who would teach the grands all they need to know??

  4. Samson Says: Awww, Gracie, you better stick with you mom and dad, because around here you get no snacks. NO SNACKS, NO PEOPLE FOOD, NO CHICKEN, NOTHING! They say it's because of my SENSITIVE stomach, but I know it's cause they want it ALL!!
    Gracie, it was so nice of your mom and dad to make that video for me on my birthday, but of course my mom couldn't get it to show. What else did you expect?!! She says she has to fix a few things and then we can watch it. I'll believe it when I see it. If not, maybe I'll pack up and come visit you. And get me some CHICKEN! I'll let you know what happens. XOXO, your Samson.

    Bobbi, that was just so super nice of you guys to send Samson a video. I know what I have to do to fix it so we can watch it. I'll let you know. Please tell Gary thanks from us.

  5. GRACIE, you devil you. Next time clean up after yourself.

  6. Gracie, you were a little high-spirited. Now settle down and enjoy the chicken.

  7. Gracie, you'll have to read my latest post which I think will convince you that 'maybe' you don't want to come on over to Golden Pines--There is nothing to do here, I think all the 'mischief' is hanging out at your house in this heat!! :-)

  8. Ohhhhh Gracie, you are testing Mom's patience. Perhaps you could blame it on the heat?! You'd better hang with Dad till you can get back into Mom's good graces. Just sayin. . .

  9. Totally understandable why Gracie would rip up on that man toy cuz it has a homely face!
    When we were first married, we had a food pantry in a bottom cabinet. Our dog figured out how to get in there. We came home to Kraft mac & cheese powder and macaroni all over the carpet! Myrtle was the dog's name.

  10. oh oh... how did that happen?
    Are you in the dog house Gracie?

  11. Hee hee hee! Thanks for the joy and laughs today, Gracie-poo..... I love you! You make me smile!


  12. Poor Man, But....... Good for you Gracie! You sure got him! hehe
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  13. Hey Gracie! I hear you (Sophie speaking) and you know what? If you head for the coast, the Atlantic coast that is, make a left and go way up till you reach Nova Scotia! It's a bit of a hike but when you get here we'll have a ball!! A dog can only take so much! Jim and Ron will never know and finally I'd have a playmate around here. See ya soon.

  14. Oh my goodness what a mess! Gracie, as long as you were having fun! :)

  15. Gracie, I've yet to have a dog I couldn't forgive. Hang in there!

  16. What a sweet doggie and nice blog you have , glad I found you. That mess on the floor from the coffee filters looks like one of my four have been there. I have two doxies and one of them loves to make me crazy doing things like that. I also have a poodle and a long haired chihuahua. I enjoyed reading your post about how life has changed for you in 14 years. I am glad things turned around for you and you are happy. My life is different than I had planned for it to be, too. I graduated college and then health issues arose which has limited me somewhat. I don't understand these life changes either but I do trust that the heavenly Father is in charge. This is probably way more than you want to know since this is my first visit (but not my last) to your nice blog. Heehee. Now, don't be too rough on Gracie she is too cute for scolding.--------- Shannon

  17. What a cute post! I found your blog through Inger.

    I'll be back, for sure.