Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not All People Are Bad

Dear Diary,

  When I came to live with Mom and Dad I thought there were no two meaner people in this world.  Mom gave me baths, cleaned my ears, and scolded me for peeing on the floor.  Dad made me sleep alone in the kitchen with just an alarm clock and a Minnie Mouse blanket.

Oh... those were the days.  
We've come a long way, we have.  

Now Mom delegates my baths to a stranger groomer sometimes and doesn't clean my ears near as often as she used to because she forgets as long as I don't scratch. 

 I'm not a baby anymore, so I don't pee on the floor.  She does, however, scold me for leaving toys and bones lay around.  She says it's dangerous for her and Dad in their old age. I guess I can get that.

Dad gave up on the 'Gracie's bed' thing.  Now it's more like, "Gracie, is it okay if I sleep in the bed with you?" and "Could I have just a little more room, Gracie?" 

These humans that I once thought about running away from have come around... now I can't imagine my life without them.  

Mom says there's a dog named Ducky that has his mouth duct taped shut and he's running scared somewhere near where we live.  

Now, when I really stop to think about it...  I guess I'm treated pretty good most of the time.  Mom's held my snout closed on a few occasions because she's got a mean streak annoyed by my mouthing off to other dogs.  But never has she even come close to doing anything as awful as duct taping my mouth shut.  

Today I'm sad for Ducky and I hope he realizes that the people out there looking for him are there to help and not hurt.  I wish I could talk to him.  I'd tell him that not all people are bad. Gracie.


  1. Awww... Gracie, thanks for sharing your "thoughts" with us today. Jazz the labrador is also sad for Ducky, because he was once lost and alone as a puppy, but he was rescued and he hopes Ducky is too...

    Jazz's Mom is gonna have to go give him a kiss and a squeeze right now, because she is upset for poor Ducky, too.

    You are a good girl, Gracie!

  2. Oh Gracie, you and your mom are BOTH beautiful!!! How did you find out the other dog's name? By the way, I love your shoulder bag!!!

  3. Gracie, you are such a sweetheart! I get mad at my Mom when she give me a bath or cuts my hairs, but other than that, shes the BEST!

  4. Ducky is a name that some of the rescue team came up with... I guess becuz of the duct tape? Or maybe that he/she keeps ducking them? not sure. The Hagerstown WHAG news team were there today doing a story. He/she was seen 1X today but no rescue yet :(

  5. You are right Gracie, but like it or not, parents have to do their job!
    You are too precious little one!

  6. Still! That duct taped dog is still on the loose? How many days has it been now? That poor thing. You are right in thinking you've got it pretty good. Your parents love you!

    And I love how you roll your eyes, hehe

  7. I really hope someone can help that scared dog out there and give him a wonderful home like you have with your nice Mum and Dad..

  8. Ducky was spotted by one of our friends but they were unable to help him/her.

    With all the fog and cold dampness I'm hoping that someone will be able to catch him before dark tonight.

    This is so horrible!

    I'm glad Gracie has loving parents and hopefully Ducky will be able to experience love and care soon as well.


  9. It's fur dang sures you has a home full of love, safety, and comfort! If only Ducky can get dat chance...da chance to knows and feel what we feels.
    Yep, not all peoples are bad and I thinks dat bein' in dis blog community proves it.

    Oh, and yes...da neighbors do be renters and da land lady does not what be goin' on.

    Yea, one more thing...mum was watchin' Law and Order and they had a case about Parental Alienation. Her thoughts bouts you and Gary and sent ya'll prayers. Okay, it was only Law and Order but still.


  10. Gracie I know your family cannot imagine life without you either!!

    We continue to hope that Ducky will be found abd safe very very soon!!!!

  11. Oh, Gracie, you have to forget about the past - your Mom and Dad didn't know you when you were a pup, you had to grow on them.

    I hope as well that Ducky is saved soon, he/she must be so terrified!

  12. Samson Says: When I heard about the duct tape, I got sooo MAD! If I ever found the person who did that, I would BITE him. Real HARD! Oh, Gracie, I hope you have forgotten all about Max, have you? I wish we could go looking for Ducky and help save him together. Your Samson, xoxo

  13. That last picture of Gracie is just too cute.

  14. I am hopeful that the poor dog can be rescued and get a forever home. Gracie, you are very blessed and your mom and dad love you very much. Such cute pictures.

  15. Loved today's update - - - except for the duct-taped dog not being rescued yet. That is sad.

  16. My mom gets after me about leaving my toys around, too! BOL!

    Any updates on Ducky?? I am so worried about that poor little guy!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Sometimes moms and dads have to scold or give baths, but it's because they love you! I just gave Kelly a bath yesterday, if you get a chance you should see her picture on my FB page, she looks so dejected!

  18. Hi Bobbi and Gracie,
    My heart brakes for Ducky!! That poor baby is scared to death!!
    We love fresh strawberries too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for your visit.
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  19. Gracie, it sounds like you have a posh life! Enjoy it! Love the picture of you with your bag! Poor Ducky! I hope he gets the opportunity to know what being loved is all about!

  20. You jus have your Mom and Dad wrapped round your paws, don't ya!



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