Saturday, January 8, 2022

Growing Up Years

 This is what our stove looked like back in my growing-up days.  It isn't an actual picture of our stove.  I found this on the Internet.  It's the same exact one, though.  Ours was not in this good condition.

Below is my grandma.  That's her house in the background.  We loved going to Grandma's house.  It always smelled like chocolate chip cupcakes in her kitchen, and the place was warm and inviting.  

Below is our Christmas tree from back-in-the-day.  We always had a real tree.  The smells of Christmas were phenomenal back then.  

Below is a photo of 5-year old me with two of my older sisters.  I remember those dresses.  Soft, girly dresses.  We didn't have much, yet we were so very rich.  My sister has requested I write a memoir that includes our growing-up years.  I'm trying, and maybe once the holiday buzz is over ...  like maybe next week ...  I can resume.  

It will likely be boring to most.  But to me, to us, it will be fun. 


  1. Sweet pictures you shared here. Writing a memoir to share with your sisters and your children/grandchildren I think would be a wonderful thing to do! I often thought about doing something similar, but have not as of yet :)


  2. What an adorable photo of the three of you! We had a stove like this!

  3. Lovely photos, and I'm looking forward to a memoir.

  4. Sweet memories there with your pictures. Growing up now isn't like it used to be . I think we got to be children longer than the children of today. They grow up too fast and seem to be more knowledgeable than we were.