Friday, January 7, 2022


 We got some snow last night.  

The above photo is the wallhanging that served as a background for my Christmas Village.  Our reality is below.  

Much like life, reality is a whole lot harder of a pill to swallow than the beautiful world of dreams and make-believe.   I find the further back in time I allow my memory to soar, the gentler and kinder I find life to have been.  

Dreaming of warmer, calmer, more magical days!
Brother Jim, Sister Rita, Sister Angie and Me


  1. Oh for the good old days,I'm beginning to sound like my parents....which is not a bad thing...I guess I just understand it better now.
    Warm hugs to you all

  2. What different scenes! LOVED your book, and am heading to Amazon this evening to write a review.

  3. And sometimes we were in a hurry to grow up and didn't realize how magical those days were!!


  4. Snow is so pretty but can make a big mess too. Cute picture from long ago. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. I too am dreaming of warmer days. They help me get though the cold ones.