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Friday, September 24, 2021


Dear Diary,

As I try to think of something witty and funny to write about, my mind comes up blank.  That's not unusual these days - the blank mind.  I am 17 today, ya know!  

Yesterday was my pre-birthday celebration which included a walk on the towpath and chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A.  I got the best Mom and Dad ever!  Well, I did yesterday, anyway.  Today Mom wiped my butt with an oatmeal wipe so I had to take her from the nice list to the naughty list.  Once a nag, always a nag, I suppose.

Yesterday's walk was wonderful.  Ahhhh the smells!  I can only do half the walk I used to do, or at least that's what the nag Mom is telling me.

As much as yesterday was a good day, today started out not so good.  I was confused and got lost in the yard.  I kept walking in circles.  Around and around and around I went.  Then I couldn't find the house or the door to go inside.  Mom says she was right there leading me in, but I could not see nor hear her.  And when she placed her hand on me, trying to lead me inside, I just became more confused and kept veering to the left.  Left. Left. Left.  Same as my head tilt. I'm a mess, says Mom.  

Okay.  She's not really that much of a nag.  She's trying to help me I believe.  But I'm not really sure I can be helped.  

I did make it over to the office for my morning fortune cookie.  Yes, I got lost on the way.  Around and around and around I go.  

Mom teared up a little, reading my fortune for the day.  I think she and dad are really going to miss me when I go.

She asks me to tell her when I'm tired and don't want to do this anymore.  I promised her I would.  But this is my birthday.  I'm expecting another walk, some good eatin', and a lot of rubdowns.  So I'm not quite ready.  Not today.  





  1. Gracie, we're wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and lots and lots of cookies.
    MAX HERE: Dear Gracie.... HAP-PEE BARKDAY TO YOU. I am just like you. Blind, deaf, and constantly walking into things. (Not going in circles yet...just lots of bumps and bruises). I will be 18 in January. I miss my sister, Amber, but I'm still doing good in spite of old age. Just live every day like the day you were born and keep loving life.
    Mom, Angel Amber, and Max (DaOtherWeenie)

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gracie! We love you, and so many others do as well! You have been so blessed to have such a wonderufl mom & dad, and I know you can feel their love and care.

  3. Happy Birthday, dear Gracie, oh how special you are. Samson and I love you so very much and are so amazed at how you keep going. 17 is amazing for a dog and you look just as good as ever, even tilting to the left. I tilt too, we're all getting old, growing old together here on the blogs. Samson and I send a big heeap of love to you, we love you. Samson says XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO hugs and ear kisses. Love you...

  4. Gracie you are a real sweetheart. HAPPY Belated Birthday honey. Being 17 is a BIG deal. As for your physical ailments... life throws them our way as we age. Got to roll with the punches one day at a time. All we can do. My liitle Mira was 18 years old and found herself going around in circles like you. Her determination was admirable, like yours. Life is tough sometimes. your mom and dad love you with all their hearts and I know you love them with yours. And that will always be the case even when you pass. But you are right... their hearts will MISS you so much. But your words here, your adventures, photos will be forever etched in their memories and all of ours. You will never be forgotten. 17 is a wonderful milestone dear Gracie. Congrats on a life well lived. Love you.


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