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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Perfect Summer Dayzzzzz

Summer's winding down....

                  Night swims, as perfect as they were....   are becoming a thing of the past....

 Our bedroom faces the pool and Gracie lays in the cool of the house watching us and sometimes       barking, telling us enough is enough, come in with your dog already!

lights from the deck shining on the bedroom window.....

It's been a fun year, with the added deck being just what was needed to make it as close to perfect as it could possibly be...

Gracie says: 

I will be here behind Dad's chair until I hear one of the magic words:  Walk.  Dairy Queen Ice Cream.  Buick. Play. Wally. Chickie Bird.  Go.  Lindsey.  Mailman.  UPS. FedEx.  Jackie. Walk. Doggie. Supper.  Treats.  Bunny.  ...  Did I say walk?


  1. It won't be long and the evenings will be a little too chilly for that evening swim. That will be a little sad. My, Jake is getting so tall! I'll bet the kids will miss the pool when you have to close up shop for the season. It will be a long winter for all. Did Gracie get her walk tonight?

  2. AAwww, this is an adorable picture of Gracie and Gary!! I love it! What a special post today. Also a first for me, a slow motion video! And very nicely done;love the pretty landing. This is a big pool; as it should be for your lots of kids. With Gary in it, I can really see the size. I also love your writing, such a bittersweet end of summer post; befitting of September 1st.

  3. Love your deck and your pool. You have created such a lovely home. I do remember how you started out from your book. Samson Says: Gracie, same here, no walks. Mommy blames it on the smoke, but I know that's better now. She says maybe tomorrow, but, as you know, us dogs have all heard that one before. Love you. XOXOXOXOXOXO, Your Samson. P.S. Hope that hearing from me will brighten up your day.

  4. Happy September 1 dear friend! Oh what a sweetie that Gracie is. I love your pool and the video was fantastic! I wish you and yours a blessed long weekend. Enjoy!

  5. That is a cute picture with Gracie behind Gary's chair :) I know what you mean, the lazy crazy days of summer are winding down and although we are still having the warm temps, the pool water is cooling down a bit (88 as opposed to 93 LOL) and I feel once it drops below 85 degrees I'll be done for the season :)


  6. GRACIE you look content to share your affections with each and every one of your family members. You just like playing hard to get. Bobbie the pool looks like fun. Glad you had a nice summer.



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