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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Because of the Smiles.

I ask myself why
Why do I go through all this work for a simple 38th birthday celebration?  And what's with all the cars and construction work?  

The answer is simple.  The kids.  I love to see the kids laughing and excited.

Jake and Jasper's dad drives for Fed Ex... so I had to include the Fed Ex truck....

The kids had a blast though...

And I really had fun putting it all together

Looks like the FedEx truck might be stuck in a snow drift... lol

Jasper teases me all the time.  I'll ask him what my name is and he will say "Jim".  haha!  

So now, as soon as he sees me he wants gum.  And so I 'bribe' him.  "what's my name?" I say.  He gets this ornery big smile on his face and then (since he really wants the gum) he'll say "GRAMMY!"  Then, I say... "Do you love me?"  and he says "YES!" and he gives me the biggest hug!!  He's so cute.  

First, we sang happy birthday....

And then, one by one starting with the littlest first, they each chose a matchbox car to take home, filling their bags till they were all gone.  

Wish our littlest could have been here.  He loves construction trucks and toys....  

Love my grand-angels so much!


  1. You put on one big party, don't you? I'm sure it took some time, but I know it's worth it to do all those fun things. Fun times and wonderful memories!

  2. Wow, what a display! I can see why the kids enjoyed it. Very nicely done.


  3. Adorable. And you were so creative. And each one gets to take home part of the theme!

  4. Thanks for your sweet words on my post. You are such a kind woman, that's why you do these things for your kids and grand-angels. A post about a photo shoot with Faith is coming up. Probably Saturday. It has something to do with you and Gracie in a way, so check it out. Love you too, love Gracie, love Summer and the rest of the kids. One can from a distance, you know.

  5. Birthdays are always fun to celebrate. You have a wonderful family.

  6. What an awesome party. They are all adorable; you are blessed! xo


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