Thursday, January 20, 2022

So Over It

How's everyone doing?  We are surviving.  My computer is dumping on me...  so I copied and then deleted a lot of files only to find out they did not copy in the first place.  I already emptied the 'trash'. So.  The stuff I have worked on for over a decade is gone.  The cloud helped me get back some - but not the most important stuff.  Computer professionals were of no help.  So I guess I'm starting over.  Kind of.  

Snow came, making it difficult if not impossible for our girl to navigate her way outside to potty.  I shoveled and I shoveled and I shoveled till I had some pretty cool paths for her.  It was so sad watching her fall all over the place in snow that she couldn't even see.  Putting harness and leash on her helped.  That way I was able to lead her around and pull her from the snow she fell into.  I cannot even begin to put into words how badly I felt for the poor thing.  

I tried to put a pic of Gary on - snow blowing the front of our place.  But my computer is still messed up and it refused.  I'm so over it all.  Ugh.  But we are good.  All is well.  

Now.  How have you been?  



  1. Oh, poor Gracie! I sure wish she could have some fun in the snow.

  2. You look great out in the snow though! Poor Gracie! That has to be hard for her (and you) to maneuver around especially with her not being able to see what is going on! You both are troopers for taking care of her like you are! Sorry to hear about losing some of your stuff with the computer woes. That is so frustrating!!!


  3. Oh sweet Gracie:( I am sorry about the computer issues, hope you get it figured out. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. DEAR sweet, precious Gracie. Slip sliding away in the snow on a cold winter day, is part of the aging condition we face, once we have lived long enough. steady as she goes, one day at a time sweetheart. love you. and bobbie i feel for you losing all your hard work. it has happened to me regarding my photo files. a lifetime of irreplaceable images gone in a heartbeat. devastating i know. hang in there. starting over sorta, might be a good thing.