Monday, September 18, 2017

You're Welcome, Gracie

Grandparents day came once again, and we managed to 'adopt' two more grand-boy's whose grandparents couldn't make it.

Our boy Jake is always so considerate of others.  He wants to make sure everyone feels wanted.  Did I mention he's a great soccer player too??

So while the girls are all about dance and gymnastics,  Jake tears up the field with his gift for sports.

And in the chill of the evening we cheer him on...

Business has been a bit slow over the summer...  but picking up nicely after my latest newspaper ad.

Who loves camp??  Gracie does!!!  She loves the smells the walks the getting tangled around the picnic table, the face outside the car being beat by the wind on the way there.

I feel like I'm running out of things to blog about!!  So I'm going to try to go deep into my creative mind and see if I can come up with something of interest.  Y'all must be bored to tears by now.

So, for your entertainment, I share this work of art by yours truly created on my mini iPad.  

Your welcome, Gracie 


  1. Happy Happy Grandparents day to your wonderful peeps Gracie...OMCS those little munchkins are adorable.
    OMCSOMCSOMCs we are all kinds of happy to see your name on our blog. Mom says they are growing old with me too. I was 15 1/2 in March...I'm the oldest pet they have every had. I've had a few challenges over the last few months but we 3 musketeers are living and loving each day we have and as you can see I'm still a spry kitty cat
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Nice that Jake is ready and willing to share you!
    Happy to hear business is picking up.
    Wonder how many 'bugs' Gracie is bringing to you.
    I have not figured out how to do that with my iPad, great job!

  3. Happy Grandparents Day! The little human (not so little anymore) in our house likes to make pictures on her i-pad, too!

  4. This is the cutest picture you made! I could not do half as good. I love little Summer wrapped up in a big blanket in the chair! She is so cute! Marissa is growing so fast! How old is she now? I love the first picture, looks like you made those boys pretty happy! NOooo, do not quit posting just because you might not be able to think of posts! So many are leaving for Facebook, we are dwindling.

  5. So sweet for Jake being willing to share you guys with his friends! I bet a fun time was had by all! Camping with Gracie could almost be a new blog! Both Gary and her look mighty comfortable enjoying the outdoors!


  6. Oh honey, that is SO sweet to pull in those whose G'parents can't make it! Love the pic with Gracie:) SO darn cute! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. glad to hear business is picking up for you. And to see Gracie content and relaxing without complaining. Happy Belated Grandparents Day to you.

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