Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Life Changing Stuff here....

Desiring some peace and quiet these days....  

Me too.  Could you give me some space please....

  And soooooo....   

We've made a major 'life changing' decision to buy a used camper from my X-husband.  It's in really good condition and he's even going to move it for us.

I hope there's room in there for the dog!

Where to put it.... where to put it...    That was the question.

How 'bout parking it up there by the dog park.  Easy access to good times that's what I'm talkin' about!

And so, we began our mission to find just the right spot.

And....  We found it!

It's not quite an hour away from our home so driving there won't be a big deal.  We are excited!!  Gracie doesn't know it, but soon she too, will be embarking on an adventure that she will love, I just know it.

Barking maybe.  Yea.  Barking for sure.  I'm not sure about the embark thing.  Sounds like work.

Umm...  are there bears in them there woods?

Now Gracie, come on into this new tent we got for the kiddies to have a sleepover/night swim/camping experience and let's get camp-ready!

Yea, well... okay...   as long as this is not a trick.  It's not, right?  


  1. I see you will be having adventures with your new to you camper.

  2. The lake is beautiful! Is that where you put it? So, how long did it take Gary to put up the tent, anyway? The grandkids will be having the time of their lives!!

  3. Not having any camping-out experience.....

    You take it there, and you leave it there? And drive to the site, when you want to?

    Or you pull it there, when you want to spend time, in it, there?

    (Dense) Luna Crone

  4. Oh and be sure to be on the lookout for SPAM in comments.

    I got 2 this morning, and had to put Comment Moderation back on.


    Luna Crone

  5. Do you plan on renting the site or buying it? Looks like a good place. Of course, you'll have to get a boat and maybe a snowmobile for wintertime fun. You will love camping - with the kids and without. (wink, wink)
    Will be good for Gracie!

    What about bears?

  6. how exciting. looks like you picked the perfect spot. gracie will love it.

  7. All the fun adventures you will have in it and Gracie will be able to go on some of them with you! Wise investment. My brother/SIL have 3 grands; they bought something similar and they have the best of time taking it to various campgrounds and having the grands join them. Be sure to tell us of your adventure!


  8. Now that looks like a great plan:) Save me a chair by the water! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. We are so jealous you got a camper!!!! we still have to camp in a tent.

  10. Can't wait to go camping with my honey.


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