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Thursday, November 24, 2016

It's Different

With #1 son post op and still not feeling the best and the grand-boys out of town with the other side of the family and #2 son working and not able to make dinner and morale kind of low because of the absence of my sister this year.....

This Thanksgiving day is just another day...

And so my daughter, her hubby and the girls (my angels) joined Gary and I for dinner at Rocky Gap Casino.  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

We thought we'd venture out tonight to possibly 'Black Thursday' shop.  Gary for the shopping.  Me for the entertainment.  Upon seeing the lines we changed our minds.   Back home to watch a movie for us!

There are a lot of people hurting right now.  Friends & Family, going through tough times.  It's pretty quiet here.  A lot has changed and we are re-grouping and changing it up a bit.  


Happy Thanksgiving!   Blessings to all!

Dear Diary,
I have absolutely nothing at all to be thankful for.  No turkey here.  No house full of cookie carriers to drop crumbs and play with me. Just an irritating sound coming from the irritating, annoying one...   C'mon Gracie, we have to take our Thanksgiving picture.  Nope.  Nothing at all to be thankful for here.  Except maybe the hotdog I had for supper. And my new squeaky bunny. That's it.   Gracie.


  1. Quiet day here too. #3 son and wife came at suppertime with a couple of plates. (Plus a whole bowl of dressing for me!) I got DIL interested in Poldark, how about that?

  2. This is such a beautiful picture of the two of you. What happened to your sister? The lines were awful here too. Even inside the stores at the check outs. The lines went all the way around the entire store and people could hardly shop and walk around.

  3. We re-grouped ourselves a bit here this year. At the "end of the day" before we started piling our plates with food, we formed a circle and we prayed and we thanked and although there is so much that still "sucks" there is so much we are still grateful about. So we ate to our hears contents and then a bit more and we will just pick up the pieces and start again tomorrow.




 Just thought you might like to enjoy a little Summer on this beautiful fall day.