Wednesday, April 27, 2016

She's Trouble

Right outside of my office window, tucked inside the rain spout, a new family of babies wait for mama bird to bring home supper.  It's been going on for weeks now.  The building of the nest.  The activity off and on there.  And then, the babies.  

I climbed a step-ladder and tried to get a shot.   Awe... a newbie.  
Where are your feathers little birdie friend?

 There's nothing like babies to usher in spring, right?

 Dear Diary,

There was an incident.  Outside.  On the back patio.  It was twilight and mom and dad were in the back yard doing something with that big pool of water back there.  Suddenly I began to chase a squeaky toy real live birdy friend on the patio and mom freaked out "GRACIE NO!"  she said.  She pushed me inside and then came in and began the interrogation.  "Was it a bird?"  I pleaded the fifth and stared straight ahead.  "Was it a baby bunny?"  I continued to stare straight ahead, ignoring her controlled and angry tone.  Hey.  I'm a dog.  I like squeaky toys and especially if they run fast and make noises.   Mom says I'm trouble.  She's trouble.  Gracie.


  1. Sweet baby birds and sweet Summer!

    Well, Gracie, was it really a toy or a bird?

  2. precious baby birds. shame on you Gracie

  3. How fun with the nest and getting to see the babies :)

    I don't blame you, Gracie, you are just doing what a dog would be doing. Just curious with what is squeaking around you.


  4. The birdies are cute! I am sure that Gracie is only looking after them, wink wink:) Have a beautiful day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Sweet little birds do not belong in BIG dogs mouths. Hope you both avoid one another Gracie. And bunnies too. My kitties became INDOOR kitties because they were too busy chasing things outside.


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