Sunday, April 24, 2016


Some things in life are just.  Important.

Like visiting my sis and taking her some big candy for her up-and-coming birthday this week.

And celebrating my own up-and-coming birthday at Rocky Gap with the love of my life, 
my husband.

Thanks Rocky Gap for the free birthday buffet/dinner!!

And then, going upstairs at the Gap and putting fifty bucks in my favorite Wizard of Oz slot machine and almost doubling my money....

And then.  Spending time with the grands.

Jungle Book.  


Yep.  Some things in life are just.  Important.  

Dear Diary,

I'd like to take this time to bring it to your attention, dear diary, that my needs and wants and desires are absolutely last on the list of things for Mommie dearest and daddy darling to be doing at this point.  No.  No dog projects.  Only things like building a deck for the swimming pool.  A screened in porch.  Flowers in the yard, a new golden ear in the front yard, and vacation plans which do not include the dog. See what I mean?  I see nothing that screams out let's see what we can do for our loving, beautiful cockapoo.  Whatever.  Gracie.


  1. Every bit of it was important - getting extra $ for the movie was super! Nice place for your dinner.
    How did the kids like the movie? What have you planned for the 4-legged girl? :-)

    Wow, a new deck for the pool? Good enough! Screened in porch will be great for everyone. When is the new ear going up? Flowers - oh, my, the human didn't give me a clue - thanks for the info, Gracie!

  2. Almost doubling your money, how cool was that. The candy looks awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday. GRACIE sometimes dogs have to take a backseat to more important things. ENJOY the break from being the center of attention. You will NEVER be displaced by your family.

  3. congrats on doubling your money. that candy is huge, yummy. hope you have a blessed birthday. Gracie, chill out, you know you are always loved

  4. Awe Gracie, your mom loves you - she's just spreading the love and fun around with her sister, husband, and grandkids.

  5. Yum on the candy and I heard the new Jungle Book was a good movie :)


  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your hubby. The kids have grown so much. What, is Gracie giving you the PAW?!

  7. YUM to that giant box of candy and Happy Birthday to you both! Sounds like you all are busy bees up there:) Have a blessed day and take Gracie for a walk:) HUGS!


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