Sunday, May 3, 2015


My first New York City experience.  A quick, one day visit.  

How could so many people be in one place?

Taxi's, Uber's, buses, bicycles, and people on foot....  here and there and everywhere.

Buildings reaching high into the sky....

Advertisements and short tempers everywhere.  Honking horns and cars cutting off other cars.

Times Square was a happening place and familiar faces were always popping up.

 The Toys R Us in Times Square was the biggest toy store I have ever witnessed.

No time for shopping though, we were on a mission.
For my 60th birthday, a Broadway Show.

We had great seats and the show was awesome!

 Here is what I learned:

Never attempt to drive through Manhattan on your own.  Only trained professional drivers should tackle such a thing.  Do like us, park it in Brooklyn and hire an Uber... or even a taxi or do the subway or a bus or ride a bike or walk or fly but DON'T ATTEMPT TO DRIVE IT....

And NEVER  EVER-EVER.... make your Garmin angry with you by disobeying her orders en route to your destination.  You never know where she may take you later...  on your way out of town...

I will admit.  I am a tad bit enormously claustrophobic and the thought of being in a tunnel under the Hudson River was not at all my idea of a good time.  As I focused on everything but the fact that I was under water,  my husband reminded me over and over again how very l-o-n-g the tunnel is and how it would take us forever to get to the other side.  

I enjoyed my trip to the Big Apple and we had a really good time.  But I was glad to get back home to my Gracie and it seems she was pretty happy to see us as well. 

Warning:  Please excuse the language...    and try and not feel too sorry for her.  She was well taken care of...  


  1. A memorable celebration for your 60th! My niece/husband went to New York City right after Thanksgiving last year. She said at first they were a bit intimidated crossing the street with all the cars honking, people crowding, etc., but by the end of their trip they were "pros" at negotiating the subway, etc. I agree with you; I think letting someone else drive would be the right thing to do. I too would be terrified in the tunnel!


  2. A Broadway show sounds like fun. NEW YORK, NEW YORK what an adventure. How exciting. Glad you survived the tunnel. A perfect birthday celebration, for sure. GRACIE it was nice to hear your voice.

  3. My cats were looking everywhere for Gracie's voice! lol

    So glad you had a nice and unique birthday celebration. I've never been to NY.

    You look beautiful!

  4. Your Gracie video is HILARIOUS! I think the tunnel would freak me out too. You two are looking so good! Love your pictures of New York! Vertical living for sure! I don't think I could live there. But I would just love to visit.

  5. How fun! I hope you enjoyed the show. New York is a big, exciting, crazy place. So glad you had a such a fun birthday adventure in the big apple! I am a bit claustrophobic as well!

  6. Looks like SO much fun and a great way to celebrate #60:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Wishing you a very nice Mother's Day. You are in my heart and prayers. xo


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