Monday, January 27, 2014

Sick Of It

Summer has been sick lately, but not too sick that she can't send Grammy a little message.  God love her little heart....

Gracie, what's new with you?

Yep, I've been sick lately too.  Sick of this cold wet stuff all over my potty floor.  Sick of it, I'm tellin' ya!


  1. Summer sounds so cute!
    Yes, Gracie, I am sick of winter as well.

  2. Summer is so cute! She truly would warm one's heart! Sorry she's been sick a lot lately :(

    Like I keep saying to all those affective by this winter's weather, I do hope it is an early spring for you all!


  3. Oh poor poor poor Gracie!!! We are kind of sick of this too too too cold too!!!!!!
    Poor baby!!!

  4. The weather is crap everywhere, Australia unbearable heat, The Sates Polar Vortex and here endless rain. Stay warm and cosy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Yes, no one seems to be liking this winter at all. I really haven't heard many positive words about it at all. Think Spring ! It will come. Hope is a wonderful thing!

  6. YA, well I am sick of it too. Sick of the snow and sick of the cold. And I live with it a lot longer cause I am in the NE... I would give anything to live down there but hubby is entrenched lol... Oh well...

  7. Summer is TOO cute with that little fountain hair-do:) Gracie, there is snow on the ground here for one day and I'll be ready for it to go away tomorrow! Enjoy your day dear friends, HUGS!

  8. Summer is a sweetie pie for sure. And GRACIE for the record I'm fed up with this winter weather too.



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