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Monday, December 2, 2013

Goodbye Thanksgiving.... Hello Christmas

This was my year to cook.  So when Gary said he'd take the family out for dinner...  all I could say is 
**with much enthusiasm and thankfulness**

Now the only problem with going to a buffet is...  Gracie.  Obviously, taking a doggie bag home is taboo in buffet-land.

But me, being the loving mother that I am to my Gracie, went against the law of the land and stuffed my pocketbook with 'extra' turkey for my girl.
Shhhhhhh...  don't tell.

I hope you all had a blessed, joyful, peace-filled Thanksgiving Day!  

Dear Diary,

Good news/bad news.  Good news: Turkey came home with Mom when she and Dad went out the other day.  MMMMMM  Good!  Bad news:  My chair has been moved.  My window is no longer mine.  A bunch of faux houses, trees, and a loud obnoxious thing that goes round and round a track has been put in its place.  It's gonna be a long cold winter!


  1. This is o funny! I now have to admit that when we used to go to Golden Corral, I would sneak fudge home in my purse!!! Summer is getting so big, and the girls seem like best friends! So glad you did not have to slave in the kitchen this year!

  2. Glad everyone had a great Turkey Day.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Ms. Bobbie you is da most wonderfulest momma evers! Of course, you could has brung me some turkey. Mum don't cook eithers...her mom does da cookin' and her decided to go out of town fur Turkey day...bwhahahahahahah...mum got no mac and cheese dis year.


  4. Nice you had a great Thanksgiving ! Poor Gracie and no window. It is a dark winter for the most part here. Maybe the lights of the Christmas tree and ornaments will lend a warming glow.

  5. Oh what sweet pictures:) My Thanksgiving was wonderful and NOW I am decorating for Christmas! Gracie, time goes by really fast and you will get your window back:) HUGS coming your way!

  6. Your little ones are so sweet. Glad a good time was had by all!

  7. Hi Bobbi and Gracie! Sounds like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.. and didn't have to do dishes! woohoo! (I really enjoyed all those pictures you shared, dear have a lovely family!)


  8. Great way to have Thanksgiving! You could have bought a "to go" plate with goodies for Gracie and those late night cravings... (We have actually done that - perfect midnight snacking when you didn't cook that big meal.)

  9. You are so sweet to you Gracie. Your granddaughters are getting more beautiful each time I see their pictures.

    Samson Says: You are still lucky with the food, Gracie. You know I can't have anything because of my health issues. Then they keep saying I'm fat, mommy says that, when all I am is fur, glorious fur.

    And you know you never have to worry about Puddles! She may have blue toes, but have you seen her ears? No one has ears as cute as yours.



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