Monday, February 4, 2013

Snowy Sunday

It seems like the weekend flies by so quickly..  and before you know it, it's Monday again.

Yesterday it snowed, so we didn't go to church.  Our church is in WV and it's about a 40 minute drive back a country road for us.   I've ventured out that way on plenty a snowy Sunday, but not no more...  I'm not nearly as adventurous!
And speaking of our church on that winding country road, one evening about 10 years ago Lindsey and I left an evening service, got in my red Saturn, and headed for home.  It had just turned dark.  Suddenly WHAM on the drivers side of the car.  I said "WOW!  What was THAT?"  Then I looked into the rear view mirror to see that a deer was pulling itself up off the road and then it ran into the woods.  The $1,000 damage to the side of my car (my door and mirror) was unsettling, but not nearly as unsettling as  *the scare and *knowing if the poor deer was okay.

I'm rambling, I know.

I really missed going to church yesterday.  But I hear tell Spring is next month...  so it's all good, right?


  1. Thankfully you were not hurt. Sorry about the damage to your car. We hope the deer was OK. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I missed church yesterday too. It's not the first time this winter either. I don't have to go as far as you but still the snow and ice are keeping me in and off the roads more and more. Hope you Monday is a great one!

  3. We hate it when those deer collide with a car. That too happened to our Grandma many years ago. It ruined the whole car. Other than being shaken up she too was OK.

    We agree with you.... Staying home in bad weather is the thing to do.

    Hope you had a great Sunday.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. I remember that was a frequent occurrence for people in Montana when we lived there, having encounters with deer on the road; glad yours wasn't "too bad" in that the deer seemed okay.

    Weekends do go by too fast indeed!


  5. I was out of town and didn't go either! I missed it too! Have a blessed day and we'll look forward to Spring:) HUGS!

  6. I hear lots of people missed church because of the weather yesterday! No sense taking any unnecessary chances.

  7. It IS all good!!! You are blessed with beautiful grandkids!! And spring is coming with lots of fun outside things to do! Giant bubbles, hunting for four leaf clovers, picking wildflowers, boomerangs. You can show them a world of fun!

  8. Yep, it's best to stay off the bad roads in winter. I'm sure He told you to stay home and let you think it was your idea. :D

    Nothing... pretty soon, I hope!

  9. Isn't it wonderful when we have gained enough age to have wisdom about traveling in bad weather? My daughter had a deer run into her car on the way home one day and it aggravated her more than anything because she had just had her car repaired after a school bus backed into it!

  10. My BIL was on his way to San
    Antonio, and hit a deer that flew over the top of the car... the deer was killed, thankfully... I would have hated to have known it suffered.... And it did cost my sister and BIL thousands of dollars to repeair the car, like 5,000.oo $ I think......but my BIL was unharmed...thank God!

    Glad YOU were ok after your deer encounter, too.....



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