Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Festivals and Morning... I mean.. Evening Coffee

It's that time of year!  Fall Festivals.  

I love them! 

The weather was perfect this year!

My favorite...  the Springs Fest!  

This one we went to on Friday.

"Hello!  From Springs Pa.!"
Half the fun is the many yard sales along the way!

Homemade bread and Apple butter.  Homemade vegetable soup.  Kettle Corn.  Maple sugar candy.  Apple dumplings.  Homemade ice cream.  **SIGH**

"Hello!" from Gary from the Springs Fest.

On Saturday we went to the Bedford Pa. Fall Festival, which is huge.  That entire town was packed with people!!  
Good times!

I forgot my camera both times.  I used my phone for the Springs Fest and didn't take any pictures at the Bedford Festival.

As always, we collected a lot of goodies for the Grand Angels...  

Tonight, Gary made the coffee like he always does... and set the timer to go off at 6 AM but for some reason it brewed right away instead of the scheduled time.

"Gary, isn't it a little late for coffee?"  I asked.

He looked at me from his recliner...  a little confused.

"We have coffee!"  I said.

Gracie got up out of her chair, wide eyed...  and waited at the door to go out and get the morning paper.  LOL!!!

Dear Diary,
Somethings very wrong here.  It smells like morning, but we didn't really go to bed yet.   I was all set to go out with mom to get the paper but she just started laughing at me.  Gracie.


  1. Hey there, Bobbi and Gracie! Fall Festivals are so much fun, aren't they? I enjoyed those pics, and that Summer is such a sweetheart.....


  2. Summer sure is adorable!! Love the look on her face!! Poor Gracie, they do know their routine, don't they? Those fall festivals do sound like fun! Glad you had a chance to check them out!


  3. Poor Gracie. Tell her I would have been confused, too.


  4. Sounds like fun for everyone but Gracie.

  5. I love fall festivals, too. Sweet photo of the grandbaby. I recently set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. but it did not go off til 5:30 p.m.!!!!! Oh well!!!

  6. YAY for anything fall! BOL Gracie, that was cute!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. Oh, Gracie, you got tricked! I'm laughing so much, something I really needed to do. Thanks. And I am still thinking about that Bad Girl frame from yesterday. That is so brilliant. Fall looks lovely where you are. And it has finally arrived here too. Thank you both for all your loving comments. I love your entire family. Summer has a face that is adorable. I've never seen a baby with such great expressions. I bet she could make some money with that face. It is really priceless, though and maybe best kept that way.

  8. Funny sometimes how things like that happen, lol.... Bet the coffee tasted pretty good though. Sorry Gracie... Hope they gave you a treat for the misunderstanding.

  9. That has happened here too! I always make it at night and whoever gets up first turns it on "since we are both retired":) While at the beach this past week, I made TWO pots every morning! This morning while packing up to leave, we drank one pot and my Husband said I will make another pot... NO MORE COFFEE! So we just hurried and left for home! Have a blessed weekend, missed you while I have been gone! HUGS!

  10. Autumn and festivals - - the best time of year. About 34 years ago, I woke up at 1 in the morning - - - and called my friend to wake her up for work cuz that's what I did every work day - - she broke the news to me that it was morning but not really time to wake up yet. Good laugh for her.

  11. Too funny about the coffee! One of these years we are going to Fall festivals! We seem to run out of time and before we know it's winter. I love homemade crafts and foods. That hat on Summer is just adorable!


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