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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sad Day

It was an unusual day.  It was a sad day.

Patient # 1

Patient #1 has been coming to us for hearing help for close to ten years.  He's one of our younger patients, in his 50's.  When I first met #1 he was a preacher with a promising, hopeful future.  Today he is beginning to show signs of dementia and he has full blown Parkinson's disease.  His sense of humor is still there... and we still laugh together when he comes in.  This morning he was in to see us.   It's hard to see our friend like this.

Patient # 2

Sometimes you just have to laugh so you don't cry.  When patient #2 first started coming into our office, she was sharp as a tack.   Then, we steadily noticed that she was forgetful and confused.  One day she came in and forgot that she had her car running in the parking space in front of our office.  I went out and turned it off, returning her keys to her.  We laugh together and she swears that her lost hearing aid was carried away by little critters with long octopus-like arms that swooped it off of her dresser in the middle of the night.  If you sit and talk to her long enough, you will forget where your keys are too.

Patient # 3

A retired pastor who would laugh hysterically at all of my jokes.  I have never had more fun with a patient before!  Before he would leave the office, we would join hands and he would pray for us.   Just several months ago he and his son drove up and down National Hwy. looking for the big wooden deer in our yard by the road after I gave him directions over the phone on how to find our new office.  They came in the office, father and son laughing together....  when they realized it was an EAR they were looking for, not a DEER.   Today he shuffled into our office with his daughter.  He had suffered 2 strokes not long ago.  I tried not to let him see the tears that gushed from my eyes the minute he walked in.  I'm sure he didn't see.  His head was down and he didn't even know me.   Before he left we hugged and he cried and cried as he begged me to pray for him and his wife (who is in the hospital).

Please, if you think of it...  pray for my dear friends, and most especially patient #3.  I don't imagine things will get better for him.  His prognosis is not good.


  1. I'm so sorry, Bobbi. I'll certainly remember these dear friends of yours in prayer.
    I just noticed your new profile pic with Summer. How precious!

  2. It does sound like a very sad day, it's hard to people you know, go downhill like that.

  3. Bobbi it is so hard to get old. I watched my Mother get old and really not take care of her self and it was not pretty. I said to Tom I am going to take care of my-self!! I have no health insurance and I have to take GOOD care of myself b/c we can not afford to get sick!!! Tonight we had a kale and celery and carrots & chicken stir fry for dinner !! It was so good and so good for us!!
    I'll pray for the older people that are sick!!!

  4. In our office, we see the same thing with our patients as well. It really is heartbreaking and when you are so fond of the patient and it makes it all the more difficult. It truly does make you remember to count your blessings and remember them in your prayers.

  5. I am sorry about all this sadness too. It's so hard to see these things happen and not be affected.
    We have been watching sad things in blogland too, and its very hard to not feel the pain of those suffering and hurting... and all this sadness just does not seem fair at all.
    And it makes our hearts so sad, that we can hardly function!
    We will pray prayers for those you mentioned.

  6. Getting older is a real pain in the rear. I am so sorry to hear about your patients and their troubles. I will keep them in my prayers. You are a real sweetheart for caring as much as you do. take care.

  7. Well, you just never know. I would think it is good to be able to help people hear better, but gosh, how very sad. I guess most of your patients are older so you are seeing them at the saddest part of their lives. I will pray for this sweet man.

  8. That part of your job must be very difficult--to see the health of your good patients and friends decline. I'm sure they appreciate seeing you and knowing you are a friend they can trust. Prayers for them here.

  9. Oh dear Bobbi, I will PRAY for all of your sweet friends! So SAD:( BIG HUGS and continued prayers!

  10. I'll be more than happy to pray for these folks and their families. God bless you too for the compassion that you have for them.

  11. Bobbi, I wonder if there is a 'good' way to handle these things in life? What you have shown is the BEST way! Love, compassion and thoughtfulness. It is sad to see this happen to people we know and even don't know well.......they are very fortunate to have gotten to know both you and Gary too. ALl the positive energy I can muster heading your way Bobbi. Keep up the good work.

  12. I hate seeing what aging does to people. I praise God for your compassion for them. Thank you for knowing we will lift them up in prayer.



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