Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What is your name please?

Contestant #1:  My name is Gracie Phillip.

Contestant #2:  My name is Gracie Phillip.

Contestant #1:  Do you sleep in Gracie's bed at night, or in between your mom and dad in the big bed?  

Answer:   Ummm ...  it's not mom and dad's bed.  It's mine.  They sleep with me.

Contestant #2:  Is it true you own your mom?

Answer:  Oh, no.  She owns me.  I am her perfect pet and will always be here to do whatever she wishes.  She is my owner.  And I never poop on the floor.  Or pee.  Just sayin'

Contestant #1:  What is your occupation?

Answer:  I watch the house and I don't get paid a dime, by the way.  My loyalty goes unappreciated.  It's the pits.

Contestant #2:  What would you say is your best feature?  

Answer:  My eyes.  And my nose and mouth.  And my fluffy, white body.  Oh.  And I don't bark.  I don't whine.  I don't interrupt my folks while they're eating dinner by begging for food.    


That be me.  The real Gracie Phillip.  

Dear Diary,

I smell a rat.  Gracie.


  1. LOL!! I was beginning to think you had a twin!
    Gracie and Stacie.

  2. So FUNNY!!!! I remember that show, the old one. We watched it all the time.

  3. LOL! Too funny!! We know who the real Gracie is!!


  4. Hehehehe, you are so funny Gracie!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  5. Butt....butt....butt, da real Gracie would never stand for dis lie! So me therefore declares #1 da real Gracie. Now go's and poop on da floor to prove it (add a wittle bit of peemail too jus' to reinforce it)

    Amber has spoken (um, barked)

  6. Too cute Gracie!... (and Gracie Number 2!)... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy #1

  7. Gracie your twin is so cute. But then so are you. I have a couple of cats that watch my house free of charge too. Must be a trend amongst furbabies. Tell your momma that I have been driving a porcelain bus, battling the flu and losing. So-oo sick. Feel horrible. Don't know when I'll be back again to comment. take care.

  8. Da fake Gracie stole your hat too. Her is an imposter( a not very good one eithers) and a thief. Hmmmmm...what should we do bouts dis?


  9. That Gracie, she always makes me laugh! ;-)

  10. Thanks for the giggles, Gracie!

  11. Too cute, but I'll take the last one thank you.
    Have a great evening.

  12. Oh Gracie, I knew you were the real PUP! That other one is just an imposter:) HUGS and smiles!

  13. Hehehe! Oh I do love you, Gracie - Poo! you make my heart happy....(and so does your sweet and kind and fun Mommy)


  14. MOL Gracie you, yourself and your mom are funny!!
    Oh blogger has been a bear this week. I was forced to switch to Google Chrome as a browser
    Blogger told me they were not supporting Internet explorer. The switch also put me on the upgraded blogger interface, which, in case you don't know, is the place where we prepare our post. Oh me this old cat mama had to learn a lot of new tricks this week,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  15. On a cold day, your post has given me a grin, and am I seeing double? :-)

    I hope you all are well, and I hope you have a good weekend!! Stay warm!!

  16. You did a great job reenacting that TV game show! I used to admire the impersonators because they had to do some major studying to fool the panel. Tell Gracie that everyone in the world has a twin somewhere. She was fortunate enough to meet hers!

  17. Of all the wonderful things one can find on the blogs, nothing and no one makes me feel the way Gracie does. Bobbi, I know you are busy, but I really think Gracie's diary and all the posts about her should be made into a book. So that one could just have it and look at it and read it over and over. I am very serious about this.

  18. I smell a rat too Gracie. This seems a little weird to me. Where do I get a look-alike doll? I'd shred her. I gave you the Pawesome Blog award today. If you go to my page-you can check it out!

  19. What's up? I decided to visit, thinking maybe you weren't showing up on my sidebar. Hope you are enjoying yourself and have not been sick!!! Perhaps you are having a Summer vacation!!!

  20. What a hoot!!! You always brighten my day. Thanks Gracie... Hugs. LJ

  21. Bobbi, Just wanted to say "hi" and I hope you are well - I've missed your and Gracie's posts.


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