Thursday, November 3, 2011

Taking a Break

I had one more 'late' Trick or Treater, my grandson Jake.  When it was time to go home, he told his parents to go ahead and leave...  he's staying with Grammy and Pop Pop.  LOL.  

You gotta love 'em!

Well, it's that time of year again...  and Sunday we will turn our clocks back.  Not my favorite time of year, but this year is so much better than last year was at this time and I am so very thankful for everything.  

every day.  every family member.  every friend. 



The new business:  Awesome!  The best move we ever made.  I am so happy with my work now.  We are busy, and the big wooden ear is well known in our area.  We do a lot of advertising, but word of mouth seems to be our best source of advertising.  Blessed!!

The new grand baby:  Should be here within the next month.  Mom and baby are healthy.

Gracie:   Aside from a flea now and again...  she's doing well... as feisty as ever.  

My Memoir (book):  Coming along slowly.

Gracie and I have decided to take a blog break.  There are some things I need to work on but am procrastinating.  One of them is my book.  

Hope you're all having a beautiful fall.  We'll see you soon!


  1. Please don't stay away too long Bobbi!... enjoy your time but we will miss you and Gracie , xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  2. Jake looks so cute!

    Enjoy your break! Also, enjoy working on your book! We'll see you on your return!

    Hugs to Gracie!

  3. We all needs to take a break sometimes. And dis is da time of year for it. I tink Mom is gonna fall on her face soon if her doesn't stop runnin in circles, chasing her tail....if her had one to chase!

    See Ya Soon!

  4. Your late tricker treater was a friendly one!
    Enjoy your little break,, we will wait right here for you

  5. I will miss you, but we all need a computer break at times!! I take off on Mondays, and am thinking of taking another day. I just have too many things I need to do. I hope you get a lot of good stuff done and come back rejuvenated! I hate the time change!!! I don't know why we have to do this every year! Your grandson is adorable!!! And I can't wait to see the baby!

  6. Hi Bobbi, Jake is cute as can be! I am so very thankful that your business is doing well and that you are happy. Great news about your daughter and the new baby. You and Gracie enjoy your break but don't be away too long - you will be greatly missed. Take care and God bless.

  7. We'll miss you, but certainly understand. Blogging can easily take the place of life in the saying "life got in the way" so take your time and do what you need to accomplish. We'll be here!

  8. Scooby Doo was cute as pie. Loved the fact he didn't want to leave. Makes you want to hug them more. Glad you are in a GOOD place in your life, in business and otherwise. It's a nice place to be. Blogging is time consuming. I understand the need for a break. Hope you get to tackle your memoir. We'll all be here when you get back. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. P.S.) Tell Gracie we'll miss her.

  10. Oh what will I do without my Gracie/ Bobbi visits and pick - me - ups and giggles and smiles??


    Seriously, enjoy your break! Sounds like you have some really important things to do and take care of...

    I am happy y'all's business is doing so well, Yay!
    Please give Gracie a hug from me, and know you will be missed, and that you and Gary and Rissi and every one will be in my thoughts and prayers...


  11. We'll miss you and Gracie, but blog breaks are always good and much needed! So glad to hear all is going well with the business, the pooch and most importantly the new baby and mama to be!!

    take care of yourself Bobbi!


  12. I will miss you two gals! Don't be gone too long! Have a blessed day and a wonderful break, HUGS!

  13. Cute little Scooby! Have a great break, but know that we will miss you!

  14. Jake is too cute. Enjoy your break then come back to us.

  15. Enjoy your break Bobbi. Will miss your happy posts. Keep Gracie out of trouble. So happy for you that your business is thriving. If you are not happy in your day to day work than it is hard to be happy in your private life. Hugs to you all, LJ

  16. Samson Says: What? A blog break? Just when we got back in the blog business. But I will wait for you Gracie, I still have Gracie #2, but she lost one eye. Mommy said I had chewed it so much it might come out and I might swallow it and get in trouble. As if I were that dumb! See you soon, Gracie #1. Love, Samson

    I say, great about the business and all the best with the book. I hope Gracie's diary will be published someday soon too. Samson and I are first in line.--Inger

  17. So glad you told us about your break so we wouldn't think something was wrong. Gonna miss you and Gracie. Enjoy getting all your things done and come back soon!

  18. Hello Bobbi and Gracie!

    Your grandson was the pawfect Scooby Doo :D

    Thanks for stopping by to wish me a Happy Day! :) Together we raised $53 for my shelter. Wahoo!

    Waggin at ya,

  19. Your grandson is tooo adorable! I will miss you and Gracie but I admire your discipline.

  20. Take good care bobbi, hah, you are taking a break and I'm coming back from one. It's so necessary, beleive me!
    Have fun,,,

  21. Congrats on your business, your new grand baby and Gracie the flea bag :-)

  22. Wondering where you were! Have a productive break Bobbi! And I hope you get everything done you want!
    Good to 'hear' (get it?) the business is going well! You guys so deserve this!


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