Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is Where We are Right Now...

Gracie goes through phases.  

For months she'll be in her independent, leave me alone  
so I can look out of my window and
 bark at other dogs phase...  

Then suddenly, without warning, she's into the clingy 
 phase - where she has to be stuck to my side  every minute of every day...  hence her nickname... Velcro. 

 This is where we are right now.

  Now if Gary brings food into the room, she'll pull away from me for a moment to see if there's any chance of him sharing. Then it's back up beside of me in my chair.  If she could talk, I would guess she'd say, 'move the laptop, I'm coming up'.

Now that I'm working from home, I'm in and out of the house all day, and I always find her in the same position...

Curled up in my chair with my robe.    

You think I'm exaggerating... right?

Well wait a minute.  Let me grab my phone and get a picture.

I rest my case.

Dear Diary,

I want 

my mommy.



  1. Oh Gracie
    I know how you feel. And sometimes the nice soft bath robe reminds you of your mommy - doesn' it?
    It smells like her,, and its soft and comforting.
    Its just one of those days,, when you want to feel close,,, as close as possible and sometimes a nice soft bathrobe works perfect

  2. Jack is like that some times, and when we share the chair, he hops up after I get settled, hoists his butt in the air and parks on my hip - so we are joined at the hip. He likes his Mommy too.

  3. Hi Bobbi! I'm still here. I was just getting blogger's block so decided to let Tootie have her own place. I did start another blog and you can also visit me here:



  4. Love Love LOVE those pics of Gracie the sweetie - pie!!!

    Just a word of caution, dear friend.... now, I know this may not be the case with Gracie at all... but my darling Angel - dog Jazz would get verrrrrry clingy to me when he wasn't feeling well.... sometimes for several days before we even knew he was sick with his tummy....as I said, this may not be true of Grace at all... this may just be a facet of her dear little personality..... but I did want to mention it....

    Thanks for sharing her with us all the time.... she (and you and Gary) make my day!

  5. It's wonderful to be loved. I have two kitties named Mira and Dara. They like to cuddle too. "GRACIE don't worry, your Momma's not going anywhere. You wear her robe well."

  6. Leyna, my Min Pin is the exact same way in going through stages of needing to be near me, or acting the least bit interested in me (unless food enters the picture). She's not at all a lap dog, though. She lies in her bed by my computer desk when she's in her clingy stage, but most of the time, she's perched on the back of the sofa, staring out the window, daring anyone to walk in front of her house. And if they do, boy howdy, do they (and we!) get an earful.

  7. We have one like that. Some days he wants to be right beside me all day. Other days he has nothing to do with me at all. Go figure!

  8. Too cute! They truly are creatures of habit and they have their favorties. You are definitely Gracie's favorite!


  9. Yep I agree! It's good to cuddle against the Mom or the Dad! Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. Oh dat is how it always is at mee house. Mee wuvs to snuggle wit da Mommy (or in Mommy's clothes her leaves laying around).....butt Daddy is a real pushover when it comes to food. Mee nose jus' how to wrap hims around mee wittle paw (and he caves every time....BOL) Den it be back to hide in Mom's underwear with mee tweet!

  11. Blogging can be a good thing sometimes and a not-so good thing when your puppy wants some attention...this is a pure example of time to put the laptop down and snuggle more...we are all guilty of this disease.!

  12. Hi Bobbi and Gracie,
    So nice to see you both!!
    I am so sad that Tinker had to go back to kennels!! I miss her so much. I wanted her to live her whole life with me!! So sad!!
    xx, Fern & Happy

  13. Gracie...you are a gal who knows what she wants and how to get it...
    playing the cute card was a wise thing.
    Hugs from your BFFF

  14. Gracie Velcro... I like that!

    Have a Nice Day. :-)

  15. Sophie is the same way Bobbi. She will follow us everywhere...but I like that actually.


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