Friday, October 14, 2011


  Leaves twirl, spinning, soaring through the air and landing everywhere.

Their colors look more alive than dead. 
 Yet... this is it for them.

They're saying their goodbyes. 

Making way for frost and cold and snow and blizzards.  


 Sounds kind of dramatic, huh?    

It's no secret that this is my least favorite time of the year.  

Not necessarily because of the change in climate... 

 I kind of like the cooler temperatures.

  but  more because of lack of light.

Short days.  Ugh!

My daughter Lindsey used to ask why Gary and I were always in our pj's shortly after 6 pm from Oct through March.  I'd say, 'why not?'    

That's pretty pathetic, huh?

There are good things though...  

 Warm hot chocolate with marshmallows...

Scented candles and soft lighting in the evening...   getting caught up on television shows that I didn't have time to watch during the spring and summer months...  reading...


It's okay.  It's all the way it's supposed to be.  

I just need to adjust.  
And once that adjustment is made, it's not so bad.


  1. You're a poet but didn't know it, Bobbi! I love the way you said that the leaves are looking more alive than dead! I HATE that it gets dark by five 0 clock!!!! And I love your leaf pictures!

  2. Of course this year you have something wonderful to look forward to later this year with a new grandchild! I definitely am with you; I like my light; I don't like the losing of it earlier and earlier. The good thing is the way time flies this day, it will be spring before we know it!


  3. I love your poetic take on leaves. Very nice. Getting darker earlier, I like. Cuddling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider reading a good book, priceless. Autumn I can handle. Blizzards not so much. I get Cabin Fever.

  4. Beautiful photos, Bobbi! Once Autumn and its color have passed, I dislike the darker, cooler days too. Years ago, I purchased a floor lamp that imitates sunshine and I use it to read by in the evenings - it does help!

    Blessings to you all this weekend.

  5. I don't like the lack of light either. But, that is likely the only thing I don't like about fall.

  6. I always hate to go through the "adjustment". I do dislike the cold weather, but to lose my sunlight is a terrible blow!


  7. Hi Bobbi... love your leaf photos... this is my very favorite time of year, Autumn... but I dread the cold winter to come... I also love to get in my pj's early on these nights and just sip hot chocolate or tea and read or relax... it is a good time to get caught up... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Beautiful post! I like early into PJ's too, lol

  9. Hum-Dee-Hum-Dee-Hum-Dee....Oh, Ok, mee is back from dreamland! Ah, dere are dos leaves...again! Soooo many purrty could have a different color on mee butt every day! Is you takin' orders?

  10. Loved the leaf photos...You and I share the same mindset about Fall, but we'll find a way to embrace it 'cause basically we know to alive and well to enjoy another day is a blessing in it's self.

  11. Love those shots of the leaves! Looks like around here!
    Hey, we are preparing for the next few months too....

  12. I LOVE autumn and try not to think about winter being around the corner - - - but with it comes all the cold weather foods that are sooooo good - - - like homemade soups - and food cooked in the oven, which helps heat the house. PJs at 6 sound luxurious.

  13. I love Fall, because here in Texas, any relief from the heat is WELCOME! LOL! Those are some pretty profound and poetic thoughts you shared, Bobbi, and I love the pics as usual, especially the one of the broom sweeping the Fall leaves, and also, the single orange leaf. And I love Gary making the goofy face...... he must see all that cold weather coming to y'all's part of the country, and is trying to scare it away, hehe.

    Have an awesome evening!

  14. The step by step pictures, your feelings about the season - time to prepare for hibernation, right?
    So neat!

    I enjoy all these changes. Back in my country we do not have them. It seems there is only one season from Jan to Dec, with a few disturbances now and then. So, here, I enjoy them every time, and refuse to get used to them. I want to feel the surprise forever!
    Love ya!

  15. I am not a fan of Fall or Winter. It's such a depressing time of year for me. I drive to work in the dark, come home in the dark, and sleep while the sun is up. UGH! Hurry spring!


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