Monday, August 1, 2011

Kill The Competition

August 1st already?  

Time has slipped away and summer seems to be winding down early for some reason.  The hot, dry days have killed off our wildflowers and the grass has turned a burnt brown.  The grapes that we were so excited about, have gotten to the point where it is too late to do anything with them.  Gary ordered a wine making kit online, found some big jugs, and purchased Sure Jell for jelly.  But the bees have taken over the grapes - that quickly.  Thank you Sharon, for sending me to Teresa who sent me somewhere else and I did get a good wine recipe.  Next year we will be ready!

This weekend we were able to get away and have dinner and a movie.  It was a great day!

It's a beautiful Monday morning with a new week of challenges.  Hopefully our newspaper ad will bring in lots of new customers in spite of our many competitors that are trying to 'kill us'.  

Yesterday at Church the Youth was in charge of the service and what a blessing that was.  The music... the message...  the commitment that the young people have for spreading God's Word.  My heart was blessed! 

"Is this what they call Dog Daze of summer? "


  1. Good luck with the ad, I hope you get so many customers they need lemonade while they wait:)

    I have my Daddy's wine recipe somewhere, hopefully I can share it with you too!

    Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, don't forget the lemons:) HUGS!

  2. Great Ad! Hope it brings in lots of peeps!

  3. Looks like a great ad! I hope it brings in those that need the hearing help!

    August is kind of the dirty time in summer, isn't it? Dry, drab.

    Hey, Gracie! It will start to cool off soon!

  4. Love the ad and hope it brings in lots of business. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend; glad you and Gary got out for some relaxation and church sounds like a real blessing.
    Hoping the week ahead goes well and Gracie, eat a popsicle!

  5. Yeah, Gracie tolds me all bouts your dinner and a movie.....and also dat SHE wasn't invited. What's up wit dat!

    PeeS....In spite of da above comment bout deserting poor Gracie....good lucks wit da business. Me tinks YOU will kill da competition!

  6. What a Great Ad! Girl, anytime you try to do something worthwhile, there will always be people trying to keep you from succeeding.... Hang in there! We are rooting for y'all!

    Aren't young people awesome?? Their enthusiasm can be contagious! I love working on music with them!

    Gracie, you are a sweetie. stay cool!


  7. Our yard sounds like yours! Poor Bryan is killing himself trying to keep our main trees and plants watered. The grass we just let go. It's not worth it since we run off of a well. I'd give anything for about 2 weeks straight rain!

    Your ad looks great!


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