Friday, May 20, 2011


A little over three years ago Gracie got deathly ill after getting a combo rabie / distemper shot.  She was sick for weeks.  After online research I found that she wasn't the only dog that's had a bad reaction to the vaccine combo.  Other research showed that I should never get all of the vaccines at the same time since she had a bad reaction.

I've put this rabie shot off since last October, but I know it's a law and it had to be done.  I also need to get her groomed, and first she needs her rabie vaccine. 

 The vet has in her chart THAT SHE HAD A SERIOUS REACTION FROM THE COMBO VACCINE LAST TIME.  I've talked to the vets over and over again about her bad reaction last time.  

But>  Gary took her this morning to get it done while I went to work.  When he told me on the phone that she had gotten the combo shot MY HEART DROPPED!  

She's vomited 1X since she has been home.  I pray that it ends there...  

I called the Animal Hospital and asked why they gave her the combo and the vet said she didn't read Gracie's chart because Gary said it was okay to give her the combo.  ???  Gary said he did not say that>  He specifically told them not to give her the 'cocktail' just the rabie shot.  He actually called me at work while he was in the vets office before her shot and asked me what kind of reaction she had and I went into detail.  Then the vet went ahead and gave her the combo shot anyway!!  I guess you could say I'm a little angry.  

The vet told me that she's on call this weekend and she'll be there in 20 min. should Gracie need emergency medical help. 

The vet was kind enough to give Gracie a 3 day supply of  'free' pepcid and benedryl 'because of the misunderstanding'.  

Over the past 2 months I have become $2,000 poorer and The Animal Hospital has bcome $2,000 richer.  Kind of them to give me the $17 prescription for Free, wouldn't you say?  

Poor Gracie.  She's been through so much these past few months.   

I guess it's time to look for another vet.


  1. That was definitely an error that should NOT have happened. I would be upset, too. We will pray she is fine. Even though she is healed from surgery, I wouldn't think vomiting is good for her. It puts a little stress on the abdominal wall, doesn't it?

  2. Hi Bobbi!! I'm so, so sorry to hear this about your precious Gracie!! I limit the number of vaccines my dogs get, and never allow them to have more than one in a day, and my vet doesn't give them as a 'combo' anyway. I wish you lived on my side of the Potomac, because I'd give you my vets name...But I will keep your girl in my prayers that she's okay, and your night and weekend are quiet and uneventful--Let us know, okay??

  3. Dear Gracie
    Tonight I am keeping you in my puggy prayers, and the angels will watch over you.
    I know how upsetting this is to your mama..
    I pray for her too

  4. Oh I am so sorry. This is just inexcusable and how dare she blame the "go ahead" on Gary. I pray Gracie will be fine. Please keep us updated.

  5. Gracie is adorable. I pray there are no bad reactions.. God Bless you all. xxx

  6. Thanks everyone. It's going to be a long night. We no sooner got to bed than Gracie jumped down, ran out into the other room and started vomiting again. And I can't stop crying. Poor Gracie. She's had such a tough couple of months... now this. I wish I would have taken her to the vet myself and made sure she didn't get any more than one shot. The vet said I should call her if she gets sick. ha! I'm not sure I trust her to do the right thing with my dog. Sorry everyone... I'm just venting.

  7. Oh bobbi! I am so angry for your sake..... oh that just makes me so mad.....

    We're just gonna turn that anger into prayer instead! You can count on me to pray as of this very minute!

    Poor little Gracie, she HAS been through so much lately.....poor lambikins....

    Just hang on, and just make sure to get her to a vet quickly if the vomiting continues because of dehydration. That happened to my Jazzy a while back....
    With love,

  8. poor Gracie!! and you too Bobbi!! I don't think they do the combo type of shot here for Koda and the rabies here are good for three years; thankfully he has never had a reaction. I agree, time to get a new vet, someone that listens and someone who remembers if there's been a bad reaction before from a shot/treatment. hoping Gracie does okay!


  9. I'm so sorry Bobbi, I would definitely find another vet, what kind of vet would not go over her chart first, no matter what!!! I will pray that she is ok... I have not posted about it, but little Tessy has had three surgeries since we adopted her, and is not feeling well again... the money is the last thing on my mind, but like you, we have spent thousands... they are worth every penny of it, but I just want her to get healthy again and be a doggie... love to Gracie, please keep us posted... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  10. What happened to the "customer is always right?" This sure sucks! Hope she is all better today! Love, Billy and Mom

  11. I would definitely find another vet. That's just awful and totally inexcusable! I pray Gracie is OK. Please keep us posted.

    Your pal, Pip

  12. I would call the vet, have them get all Gracie's records together and go pick them up, telling them EXACTLY why you're changing vets.

  13. Praying for Gracie... Hope all will be well. TIME FOR A NEW VET!!!

  14. Yes Bobbi! It's time to look for another vet. How unprofessional. And poor Gracie......we send her huge, but gentle, hugs.

  15. That's awful Bobbi! I hope Gracie will be okay. I think I would be looking for a new vet.


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