Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good News and Bad News

Dear Diary,

I have good news, bad news, good news... 
 then more bad news.  
The good news: Mom didn't have work today so I didn't have to watch the house.

The bad news:  She cleaned my ears.

Good news #2:  She gave me two choices.  A walk around the neighborhood or playing at the tennis courts.  I chose the latter.  I had a great time and got to meet a dog that looked a lot like my new friend Tessy!

Bad news #2:  I had to get my butt fur cut again cause of a certain mess that was left after I did potty.  I also had a good butt scrubbing.  Ick.

MORE BAD NEWS:  There's talk of a bath soon.  

 I'm going to take Sharon's advice and make myself small.  Very small.  Gracie.


  1. Gracie is too cute for her own good!! What a little bundle of love, but I don't have to tell you that she is your owner. :0)

  2. Oh, Gracie, I don't think making yourself small, will get you out of a bath! LOL! Hide under the sofa instead!

  3. Bath or no bath...Gracie you're beautiful!

  4. hehe. Oh I love it so much when your Mom posts your pictures and your doggie "thoughts" Gracie....

    I always end up with a big 'ol smile on my face....


  5. Gracie
    Just look at your with those big innocent eyes.
    I know exactly how your feeling because I had to have my ears cleaned today too.
    But, I did not have to get a butt wash,, like you..
    jeepers,,, how embarassing.
    i hope your mom forgets about the bath.

  6. Wow, Gracie, you are so lucky you have a mistress who spends a whole day taking care of you! And you will be even more beautiful than before!! Now I KNOW you would not want to be one of those unloved dogs who get left outside and are unkempt and uncared for.

  7. you are just too cute Gracie!! I think all in all it was a good day since Mom was with you for it!! When you hear that bath water, run and hide somewhere where she can't find you or reach you; you should be safe!


  8. Gracie, You make me smile....Harriet is overdue for the same "treatment" and I hope she's as sweet as you.

  9. I think I can read Mom's mind, and think she is thinking "bath" today too! Yikes, Billy

  10. Oh Gracie, your mama loves you so much!... sounds like you had a fun time outside today... sorry for the bath stuff... I got a bath at my doggie doctors after my surgery, I kind of liked it!... what was your new friends name who looked like me?... I hope you and I get to meet one day and play toys... woof woof, your bloggy pal Tessy

  11. Oh Gracie, truly make me smile! I hope it wasn't too detrimental and traumatic getting a bath.
    I wish you a superb week!

  12. GUESS WHO??????? Yous done guessin'? It's me, Puddles. I sees everything when to pot since I has been gone huh? An ear cleaning and a possible baff!!!!!!! Oh dis is just an atrocity if I has evers seen one...maybe your mom needs a hobby....bwhahahahaha...Oh, I cracks myself up.
    Oh and believes me, making yourself small WON'T get you outs of having a baff...nor will running under da couch. Done tried dat too.


  13. Good news...Gracie is adorable all the time. There is no bad news!

  14. Gracie, you always make me smile. Even when you post "bad" news... You are such a precious baby!

  15. Poor Gracie! Maybe the bath won't be so bad!


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