Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poor Me


I don't know how that 'Listen to my Songs' thing got on as a blog post a little bit ago.  Scratch that.  I was trying to get it on my sidebar but it ended up being a post.  

A few weeks ago I took a picture of my Tylenol bottle for my blog and somehow it ended up on facebook.  I had friends on facebook  writing...  'Bobbi!  What's wrong?  Are you okay?'  LOL>

So the moral of the story is:  Be careful what you do online.  It might end up who knows where and people will be saying...  What the....???  

Okay, I have to share this with you.  I'm involved in a game of scrabble right now and you have to see this:  The best score I've ever had for one word.  The word: Daddy.  Underneath those letters is a triple letter and double word, I believe.   77 points.  Can you say, 'WoW'?

 Gary has a habit of quitting when I get over thirty points ahead.
New rules:  No resigning until there are only a couple tiles left.    

Dear Diary,

Today I pooped on the floor because the sun was shining and there was no walk for me I felt sick to my stomach.  Poor me. 

Yesterday I pooped on the floor because the sun was shining and there was no walk for me I felt sick to my stomach.  Poor me.

The day before yesterday I pooped on the floor because the sun was shining and there was no walk for me I felt sick to my stomach.  

Mom says I'm in rebellion.  Dad says I'm ridiculous.  I wonder if the sun will be shining tomorrow?  Gracie.


  1. Oh Gracie, You and Harriet need to be good girls!

    Bobbi, when I think of Scrabble, I remember my Grandmother. She was born in 1900 and she was the Queen of Scrabble in the 1970's!!!

  2. I love the game of scrabble but have never been that good at it, so I'd be one of those to quit when I was behind too! :-)

    Speaking of behinds...Tell Gracie that we all feel like rebelling when the sun was out and we're stuck inside, but I've never pooped on the floor! ;-)))

  3. We LOVE Scrabble!!! You go girl!!! I'm still glad you accidentally posted the music!

  4. WOW!!! Good on you!

    NOW... ahem... Gracie, you need to stop this pooping around! (and I am proud you didn't do it on the carpet!)

  5. good for you with that 77 points for Daddy!! WTG girl!! Scrabble is such a fun game! Poor Gracie!! I think her schedule must be off somehow that you guys aren't catching her signals she needs to go outside to take care of business.....hoping her tummy gets back to normal soon and she gets on a more "regular" routine


  6. I's not allowed to play Scrabble Ms. Bobbi...mum says I would prolly be spelling out bad words (evil laugh). Prolly a good thing I not allowed to play:)
    Oh Gracie, I symapathize withs you. At least you had a good excuse furs poopin' on da floor. But, does you really have an upset tummy? If so then I is so sorry. I do it sometimes when it's hot, cold, rainin', snowin', or windy.


  7. Gracie, I used to do that too, untill I got treats for everytime I pooped outside. Now........never! Licky Kisses, Billy

  8. Oh poor Gracie...maybe a little positive reinforcement will help the situation? I'm all for treats when doing the right thing!

    I love Scrabble and my husband and I are fierce competitors when playing...we've been known to 'turn' the board when losing aka; flipping it over and dismantling the entire thing!
    We laugh and laugh!

  9. So what time are these accidents happening? I say go for a walk just before that!
    Scrabble - - - fun for some but too much thinking for the rest of us!!

  10. Samson Says: I poop on the floor when they go to town and leave me behind. What I don't get is: With three dogs in the house, how do they know it's me?!

  11. Once in a while Ragsy poops on the floor. Usually when we go out and dont take him with us. These little creatures are rebellious as hell ya know. Also if I pay more attention to the cat than him. Poor Gracie, poor Bobbi, poor Gary.... Let's hope it all comes out ok soon.

  12. Poor Gracie!

    My friend and I love playing that game on our iPhones. I always lose.


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