Friday, February 25, 2011

The Enemy

It's hard to lose weight when you get to be my age.    

I need to learn how to recognize and have the 
willpower to resist the enemy
They look sweet and innocent.  
But they are pushers.  

The enemy used to be easy to recognize because
 of their attire.

  But now there are unmarked uniforms involved a.k.a. grandparents, aunts, uncles, and yes...  
even mom's and dad's.   

This is not my fault. 

 I didn't order them.  Hubby ordered them from...  ahem...  a grandparent.

  You can't trust anyone these days. 

Someone needs to be held accountable.


  1. You look like you are in a trance in the last picture...chocolate has taken over your brain cells and won't let you go...aaaahhhh!

  2. I so understand about losing that weight!! One year ago this month my hubby and I gave up sugar and table salt!! My hubby lost 35 lbs in no time at all!! Me,, I started a slow weight lose. I have, as of last Wednesday, lost 22 lbs. Now my doctor thinks that is wonderful. At first it was hard but now I don't think about it much!! It gets easier as time gos by!
    Cute post!!
    XX, Bambi & Fern

  3. Oh Bobbi, you look beautiful... and you should enjoy your cookies!... Life is too short to not enjoy what we eat... Diet is a four letter word!... I ALWAYS have dessert... now, pass me those thin mints, please!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Yes, Bobbi, I believe we are victims of a conspiracy and we are helpless against those who will stop our dieting! They do not want to see us thin and willowy! You must fight them together Bobbi, they cannot win!

  5. You reminded me that our order will be arriving soon. I ordered 2 boxes each for my grown girls. My husband doesn't want them because he is trying to lose and I really don't care for cookies - - - but LOVE chocolate candy!!!

  6. One little cookie never hurt anyone, especially Girl Scout Cookies. It would almost be un-American not to eat them! :-)

    Take care and have a great weekend :-)


  7. Thin Mints!! I'm coming over!! Hold the Girl Scouts accountable. Life is good, enjoy it. And it's not only the mints that are thin, so are you!!! Don't worry!

  8. Okays I'm with you totally and da funny thing is is dat people come to da GYM and sell those blasted cookies...AT DA GYM!!!!! Nows what is wrong withs dat pikture?

    They are plotting to take over da world I think.


  9. Yeah it is all the Girls Scouts fault! They have been around a long time! LOL

  10. Amen Bobbi...someone needs to be held accountable because it certainly isn't 'me' who opens thy mouth and shoves the cookie in :)
    I have three boxes unopened in my pantry and I know once they are opened, they are gone. So as of now, they are safe!

  11. I have not one box of those cookies here....they are all at work! HA!

  12. Frozen Thin Mints are my very favorite! Do they still have Peanut Butter Roundups? (I haven't bought any GS cookies in a long time.) Anyway, I'm not a big fan of Peanut Butter Roundups but if I eat even one, then it seems the rest just disappear. Weird, isn't it?

  13. Oops! I was commenting on another blog at the same time I was commenting on yours. That last comment was meant for someone else. Sorry!

  14. Ha ha ha! Bobbi, this post was so funny, 'cuz it's so true.... I get "hit" every year by one of my Piano students...

    She is a darling little red - headed girl and I cannot say no....

    love those thin mints and caramel chocolate ones...


  15. Hi Bobbi!! This post has given me a grin--I eat the 'thin mints' like they are breath mints, and don't get me started about the samoas!! We only get them once a year so lets just enjoy!! :-))

  16. OMGosh I love Girl Scout cookies! I have some on order and can't wait for them to get here!

    My babies are Himalayans. My oldest (13) is a traditional Himi which is Siamese bred with Himalayan. He has a shorter coat in the summer. He has a Siamese personality including very talkative and will climb the door frames if he feels froggy. It's harder now to find a traditional since most people didn't care for their quirks. Snickers (7) is a Neo Himi. He's a Himalayan bred with a Persian. He's double coat which is a MESS. He stays matted all the time. Lots of maintenance. He has a true Persian personality where he only likes certain people and is very timid. He is extrememly talkative as well and also is very intelligent. He pretty much rules us. They are great cats and I definitely will not hesitate to get another one!


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