Monday, December 27, 2010

Mondays Mug: Noah's Ark

Mondays Mug:  Sight and Sound Theatre 

 Noah's Ark

This mug has high priority and has been my coffee mug for many years. 
 It was an experience I will never forget.  
Have you ever gone to the Sight and Sound Theatre?  There is one in Branson, MO and one in Lancaster PA.  We were able to catch Noah's Ark while it was still playing in Lancaster.  

It was an incredible experience and 
when I left the theatre I could hardly speak!!  

Luke 17:26  And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.


  1. Oh I sure would love to see that!!!

  2. Bobbi, that looks so good! The Hub and I go to Branson with my sis and her husband. That might be something they would enjoy, too. I'll look for it next time we go.


  3. Oh Wow! That looks so cool! I would love to go see that!

  4. Hmm, never heard of it, of course, I don't get out much. Looks and sounds very cool!

  5. We are not that far from Branson. That's an idea for the future. I've never heard of it but will keep it in mind.

    Have a great day, Bobbi!

  6. We's not very cultured round heres...hehehe! So, No we hasn't seen it.
    On dat note, I should prolly say dat mum loves musicals and stuffs likes dat but I is a dog so I don't knows...hehehe.


  7. Bobbi,
    That looks fantastic! Now I'll have to investigate and see if there is one around us...I love the mug! and certainly hope you enjoyed your time during the holidays...

  8. What a grand experience and I love your mug.

  9. I have heard so much about this! And have wanted to go so much. My best friend went to the Noah performance and loved it, she brought back pictures. That mug is just a treasure house of memories!

  10. I think that is the musical that was featured on one of the Duggars' TV shows. Their family was worked into the performance that evening. If we ever head towards Branson, we will definitely have to put that on our list of things to do! Thanks for that info.

  11. Bobbi, I bet this was just fabulous. I would love to see it. Hope you ahd a wonderful Christmas :)

  12. This looks amazing! If we are ever in either of those places we will definitely go. I know we'd really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing!


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