Saturday, January 4, 2014

!!!Rescue Me!!!

 My name is Cabot. I am a 9 year old cocker spaniel. This is my story. I used to have 1 boy... but now I have 2 boys. When my second boy came just 12 months ago, my family suddenly didn't have time for me anymore. I love attention... I NEED attention... but with my new boy having been born sick, he has gotten all the attention and I spend most of my time in a cage. On Tuesday, my boy will have surgery and will take a long time to recover ... and then my family will have even less time to take care of me. I need a new home. I will miss my boys, but I would be so happy to have someone who would have time for me... to love me and play with me. Anyone want to share their home and  with a good ol boy who needs to be loved? Please? 

If your interested Contact my Grammy at 301-707-4796 or

Will you love me?

This is my boy.  Please pray for him.

Daughters and Dogs

Me, with my daughter.... Me, with her daughter... Gracie, with her accomplishment.   Yes, she can now jump on the highes...