Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Not-So-Wonderful Walk

The day started out drab and dreary.  But, alas!  Good things were about to happen!

He didn't actually say the magic 'walk' word.  But.  He opened the front door for me to go outside.

The front door is only opened for me when I am going for a walk.  I was one happy pup!

But wait!  

"Hey Dad!"  I said.  "Aren't you forgetting something?  What about my leash?  Aren't you afraid I'll run away?"

Something was different.  Very different.  There was bright, white, cold fluff trying to swallow me whole.  I was getting buried in it.  

"Open the door!"  I yelled to mom.

"I'm comin' in!"


  1. You poor thing. Looks as if you could use a couple pair of stilts! Sorry about that in a couple months this will just be a memory.

  2. That is a lot of snow you guys got. Gracie kind of blends in with it too! Stay warm!


  3. This snow is really crazy, isn't it? All the rules seemed to have gone out the window, leash rules included!!



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