Friday, January 22, 2016


Mom is threatening to take over my blog again.   Yes.  My blog. this.  All mine. So I have to act on this now.  I need to show her how much I love having my own blog. I need to post more often.  And she needs to keep to her own blog...  which you can find her new blog entry HERE (Pleeeezze humor her)

This white stuff covering my poop and pee area is lousy.  

I am very annoyed right now.  Gracie.


  1. I think Gracie that you should be glad that Bobbi's trip got canceled; you know you would have missed her if she was gone!

    Maybe you'll have to depend that they shovel out your outside business area so it is not filled with snow :)


  2. I don't like the white stuff either, Gracie. I will be just as happy as you are when it's all gone. I hope your feet didn't get too cold outside.

  3. We dont have any white stuff,, I am very jealous of yours!

  4. Awww Gracie! Tugie said to tell you that sharing is blog is ok. She says that she is in mine a lot but doesn't get the Title like you have. I say the blogosphere can hold you both!

  5. Oh Gracie, that snow can be annoying:) HUGS!

  6. Dearest Gracie, Samson and I love you so much. We are sorry about all that snow but glad that you are safe and can snuggle in your house. I will now go to your mommy's blog. She was worried she lost us, but I was just trying to fix my blog. I see you are very good at blog fixing, so I may have to ask some questions. Maybe should ask of your mommy. Love Inger and Samson, greetings from Faith.

  7. Gracie, You should have your mom or dad go out and clear an area where the grass used to be, just like we do for Hunter. That way his belly doesn't get buried and wet. Going to check out your moms new blog now.
    Noreen and Hunter


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