Monday, January 25, 2016

Poor Me

I have successfully (with my moping and acting like I am depressed and do not want to live another day) laid huge guilt on Mom and Dad.  

It's big, I'm telling you.

How do I know it's big?  Because tonight, out of nowhere Dad said, "Let's go for a ride in the Buick."

We visited a orphanage pet store filled with pups behind glass.  Poor babies.  I cried in my heart.   If I wasn't such an old girl I would have brought the entire brood home with me.  They were cute and they thought I was their mama.  

(video:  about 30 seconds)

Then we stopped somewhere else.  Something called Pet Smart.  I didn't see that big black dog in that place as being a very smart pet when he challenged me to play a fight....  Mom pulled me away.   We went down another isle and I got to smell some fabulous smells.
And that's not all!

One more stop for some ice cream!

It was a wonderful day but now I am dog tired.  An awful lot of excitement for this old girl.


  1. That was a cute video :) I was trying to figure out what the dog was in the area on the other side of the puppies. It looked so relaxed there. I think they realized, Gracie, you needed an outing to chase away those winter blues :)


  2. Gracie, your mom and dad do all this for you because they LOVE you! So do I, but I must say you are playing games here. I hope your love for me is true. XOXOXOXOXOXO, Your Samson. PS That first picture of you is too cute. If we lived together, you could snooze on my fur. That would keep you warm.


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