Spring arrived yesterday and it was quite angry.

Someone else was angry too.

But.  The calendar says it is spring and I am believing.  


  1. Poor Anvil all covered in snow. Hope that is the last time you see winter until next November.

  2. Anvil doesn't like his eyes covered by the snow I think; I think that could make him angry! March snows in Montana never stayed around long; I hope its the same where you are!


  3. Ha ha ha!! Well, it is now time for Anvil to sport a sun bonnet and Easter basket. I would have such fun dressing him for the seasons. But he will never like his outfits, because he always remains MAD! Happy Spring, Anvil!

  4. Oh no! Not snow! Hoping for warmer temps soon for you!

  5. I just try to have faith that it's coming. Today made me think that maybe it is! :-)

  6. Oh my goodness! Hang in there dear friend, SPRING is going to visit you for sure, SOON! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  7. I hear ya' GF. We don't get snow here but we've had almost 3 weeks of solid rain and dark gray skies. I.Need.Sunshine.
    Obviously, you do too!

  8. crazy weather!! spring is here!

  9. I know, we had more silly snow yesterday, too! On Saturday my daughter was playing outside with only a light jacket and then Monday we wake up to 3 inches of snow. Hopefully, the nice weather will be here to stay soon!

  10. We got about 5 inches of "Spring" earlier this week which my Mom wasn't too happy about. We are enjoying your book. Thank you for sharing Gracie!

    Abby Lab


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