Wednesday, March 18, 2015

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Today would have been my mom's birthday had she lived past her 69th.  

Don't even ask me how old she would have been.

Is it awful to say I do not know what year she was born?

And now,  Wordless Wednesday.....


  1. A lovely tribute to your mom on her special day.

  2. What sweet pictures of your mom! Maybe she would prefer you not knowing how old she might have been this year :)


  3. Wonderful pictures of your mom. And I just know she was as sweet as you. The second one is just like a picture of my mom...the scarf, the coat, the short boots. This is a wonderful tribute to her. I love the way you have redesigned your blog with the pink polka dots. It looks fresh and pretty. How is Gary doing? Are you still working?

  4. Your words and photos are a beautiful tribute to your mom.

    She is always close to your heart- we can tell.

  5. Sending you a big HUG from someone who misses her Mama too! Lovely pictures!

  6. I miss my mom every day. Bobbi and Gracie, thank you so much for your love and support during the past weeks.

  7. I enjoyed your sweet pics so much. Like Theresa and you, I dearly miss my mother too. Our little dachshund Harriet, who belonged to my late mother, died this a.m. She was 14. Oh how we miss her.
    I have been away for several months but have now started over with a new blog. God bless you this weekend. Mildred


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