Sunday, March 29, 2015

Isn't It Grand!

Last night was fourth in a series of Legends of Rock n Roll concerts at a local high school auditorium.  First was The Platters.  Awesome entertainers!  Second performance was about a month later, Marilee Rush and Lou Christie.  Great!  Next came Elvis Impersonator, Matt Lewis.  He was really purddy.  *wink, wink*

Last night, EXILE and Juice Newton.  EXILE is in capitals because they were, at one time, my favorite group!  Last night, they did not disappoint.  And Juice is 63 years old and looks wonderful!  

Selfie at last night's concert

Today, three of my GRANDS were at church and we brought all three home with us.

I love them all so much.  Each is special in his/her own way.

After church, a "HOME" Happy Meal from McD's.

Then, off to the movie "HOME"

These kids were wound up...  After the movie they were running here and there and everywhere and I was afraid I'd lose them in the mall.  So I gathered them up and escorted them to the car.

I now understand why God gives us children when we are younger.

Turning sixty next month, I  honestly find it sometimes hard to keep  up with these energetic, enthusiastic, curious little curtain climbers.

But I am grateful for each one of them, and wouldn't trade them for the world.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I haven't thought of Exile and JN in a long time. Your little ones are so cute. Oh, to have energy again!!!

  2. Your grandchildren are all precious. But I know too what a handful youngsters can be. ENJOY. They grow up fast. LOVE the fact you got to see a series of Rock n Roll Legends in concerts. How cool was that.

  3. I hear Home was a cute movie :) Your grands are so cute :) I agree with you, I don't have grands yet but when I'm around other young kids, it is exhausting. They do have so much energy! I'm thinking that was Summer in the picture with Marisa? I can't believe how much she's grown!!!!!!!!

    How cool with the concerts too :)


  4. So these were the REAL, what a cool show to be able to see! Your grandchildren are adorable! It takes so much energy to keep up! Like several cups of coffee. Summer is growing so fast, and she is such a cutie pie! I love your new header!!

  5. The concert sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see that movie with my Grandchildren:) Have a blessed day dear Bobbie, HUGS!


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