Thursday, February 27, 2014

Junk Mail

 I could never understand why people get so upset about getting junk mail....

Till one day...

I got a deep paper cut from one of the useless & manipulative pieces of waste found in my mailbox.

Of course, not all mail is junk mail.   Anything with Amazon packing tape means something I want is inside.

Then there is the organizations that want money.

Here is what I have found happens when people donate to charities:

The organizations want MORE>MORE>MORE!!!

The following piece of mail that we received today, gave me pause.

Now why in the world wouldn't this organization give that dollar to the troops instead of sending it to those who they are hoping will send money to the troops?  Must we continually manipulate to get results?

Why would the fact that they send me a dollar make me want to send them $25?

Does money really motivate people to that extent?

Which brings me to my final piece of mail that I would like to share with you today.

Here's how our office works:

We do hearing tests.  We sell hearing aids.  We counsel.  We listen.  We teach.  We exchange.  We counsel some more.  And in the end, if our customer is not satisfied, we give them a full refund.  Every once in a while we get burned out with a customer after going over and over and over everything....  but we smile and soldier on....  and in the end, if they return their hearing aids in spite of our efforts, we suck it up and tell them we are sorry we couldn't help them.

Well, this guy wanted help for his elderly mother and she was...  shall we say... a true challenge.  I did all of the above and in the end, she wanted to return them.

"Please take this $100 for all your work..."  her son said.
Of course, I refused...   But it was kind of him to offer.

A couple of days later I got some good mail from that same guy:

A card with kind words....  Worth so much more that a hundred dollar bill!!!

What is the silliest junk mail you've ever received?

Dear Diary,

T.R.O.U.B.L.E. awaited me the other night under the covers where I was NOT ALLOWED!
I was:

Tortured through whiny words of disrespect.
Read the riot act
Ousted from my safe spot
Under the covers without permission
Beat with a belt.  I lie.
Loved in spite of my transgression.  Yep.
Entagled in covers that I couldn't get out of.  Really. I didn't mean to get under the covers.  They got on top of me.  


  1. How very sweet to get a card of gratitude. I'm sure some customers are quite a challenge.

    Gracie, I hope you sleep well tonight under your OWN doggie blanket!

  2. That was such a sweet gesture to send that card! I am not fond of junk mail either. I just received a letter yesterday offering modeling for my daughter, she is 40 with 4 kids:) I can't wait to tell her!

    I wish you were closer, my Sister really needs a hearing aid. I have been trying to talk her into at least checking it out!

    Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  3. What a sweet sentiment in that thank you card. GRACIE I'm with you, it's cold outside, being under covers is warm and comfy.

  4. How come you get a dollar? Most I ever got was a nickel!!

    Samson Says: Gracie, you need my fur to keep you warm. XOXOXO, Your Samson

  5. I couldn't begin to tell you all the junk mail I get, from insurance for my newborn to repair insurance for my 14 yr. old car that they say is just out of warranty. ??? I wonder where these people get their information?
    Gracie, stand your ground and let them lay on you, it will be warmer.


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